During the Mansfield MBS Show, I talked to Rachel Bavin about her work with elemental balance. I found the conversation fascinating and decided to test the therapy. Rachel explains how the equipment works and the therapy begins. She takes a reading from my finger and then clips to sensors to my wrists. After a few minutes, the computer screens show the results.

Rachel Bavin

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Be sure I have not spoken to Rachel about my health and history of my wellbeing. The information proves to be surprisingly accurate. Picking up on an issue I’ve had with my heels for some years. There is an indication of high levels of coffee based caffeine. The computer screen also reveals right side throat issues. Plus a sign of energy field disorder in my brain. Furthermore: The emotional aspect of the scan proved fascinating.

Racheal suggested my childhood has been somewhat difficult. The scan indicated there were emotional areas which had been overcome: although my unconscious mind is still aware of the memory. It is easy to suggest this comment could apply to many people. I would reply: Rachel’s interpretation goes further than I’m prepared to make public. She isolated specific areas of childhood neglect (not abuse) and the comments are too specific to be dismissed.

Rachel Explains:

Very little is said as Rachel explains the numbers and relevance of the colours shown on the screen. Her explanation becomes more and more interesting as: already mentioned: the diagnosis is close or on the spot. She now explains the equipment can rebalance the energetic balance in my body.

I sit and relax as the remedial therapy takes place. After the session, the numbers have changed. Some have not moved too far, and others have reduced by no small measure. Racheal explains the restoration of my energetic balance may require further sessions. I suspect the therapy continues after the session, and Racheal confirms this to be accurate.

We decide to follow this first session with some more over the next eight months. Rachel will diagnose my energy fields and will rebalance my ‘Inner – Being’ at each Well Being Show this year. I have a great interest in how my heels will respond to the therapy. And other aspects which will be investigated over the coming months.

I recorded a lengthy interview with Rachel. During the interview, you will discover answers to many questions. If you have further questions, visit Rachel’s website. It is informative and has the all-important contact page.

Rachel Bevin. Elemental Balance. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being. WellbeingFor most of the day, I’d endured a light headache: Rachel was clear in her interpretation stating ‘When you are within a place of awareness: the inner-being can feel uncomfortable’ she was right, the ‘headache’ was actually a feeling which could be better described as inner-tension’ At the rebalance session, the problem has gone: amazing and not imagination. The result is observed with much interest.

Would I recommend the therapy? Without a second thought! From this first session, the certainty is no more light headaches or as Rachel suggests ‘an uncomfortable feeling’: Not a one!

If you are visiting an Inspirational Well Being Show have a session with Rachel. The process is entirely safe and should be tried and enjoyed.


Some days later I receive an email asking how I’d faired after the session and would I recommend the bio-resonance session? My reply is a resounding YES and the next session is something I’m looking forward to very much indeed. Let us see where the next sessions take us:

The interview is quite long and is recommended listening:


Further information about bio-resonance:

Energy Balancing System is a bio-resonance / bio-feedback device which can restore energetic balance within the bio-field of humans, animals, plants and land. If you are looking for a holistic therapy that is non-invasive, which works gently to stimulate spiritual wellbeing, then it is worth having a look at bio-resonance.

→Rachel’s Website

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