Thank You – Kirstie Wood – If I were asked to sum up Kirstie Wood I’d comment:

“Sharp as a razor, kind as can be”. I’ve collected my thoughts and now I write about my friend and Community Member. Kirstie Wood.

If there is a problem, Kirstie will voice her opinion publicly. There is no hiding behind smoke-screens and hearsay. She makes a point, listens to the contra-argument and moves on. She has no concern for trivial or mundane. She knows life is a fast running hour-glass, and there is not a grain of a second to be lost.

Kirstie’s business “Ethically Gifted” is a brilliant concept. Goods are carefully sourced, reasonably priced and sold with immense customer focus and care. I particularly like the breadth of the range of the stock carried. Anything from a bright and breezy scarf to a divine incense. And did I already mention Kirstie’s bright smile and kind nature all customers know?

Many know Kirstie to be a mean cheesecake and cookie baker. No doubting a cheesecake tin once opened will soon empty. And the cheesecake is an indication of another aspect of Kirstie’s nature. One of giving, sharing and caring. There are people in her ‘other’ life who rely on her help and contribution. I’m not writing of this here: but be in no doubt: Kirstie’s giving and responsibility to those who are less fortunate are immense.

All Community Members owe thanks to Kirstie. She supports every show with a staggering amount of caring and positive comment. Yes! She has been known to throw a hand-grenade of hard truth into the comments box. Often voiced are opinions on packing up early, unsubstantiated gossip and BMW’s. BMW’s? Yep! That’s a Kirstie creation: The letters stand for Bleaters – Moaners and Wingers. Oddly, we do not have too many of these left in the Community.

Kirstie always sees the ‘bigger picture’. When attending shows, she knows that customers will buy from her real live shop or her eBay online business. Kirstie is insistent on building a wide and varied customer base. Not a weekend goes by without her attending a show: Well Being – MBS – Charity – Fair – Summer Fate – somewhere in the country lucky customers will meet Kirstie, buy an item and become a loyal customer.

Look at Kirstie’s social media streams and discover the sharing is not about ‘me’ it is all about WE. Is this a lesson others should learn? Ask Kirstie she’ll put you on the right track. And let’s be clear “We” is always stronger than “I”. My friend and your fellow Community Member know’s this without a second thought.

Kirstie Wood is a five sun-flower sharer and carer. No doubt we owe her a round of applause and thanks for her dedication to The Community. We are fortunate to also know Kirstie as a friend and advisor as are many other people.

Thanks for being part of The Community Kirstie.


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  1. Kirstie? Hats. She understands exactly what her business is, and who her customers are, I have watched her when we have worked on an adjacent store, BMW’s? I was relieved…

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