The progress of our Well Being Shows is gauged by the extensive depth and breadth of attending Community Members. One of our greatest achievements is the addition of and interest from people and businesses centred on physical health and wellbeing.

During the September 2019 Newark well Being Show I met for the first time Michelle and Paul who promote Herbalife products on their stand. Their stand is focussed on the forty years established Herbalife business. And if their obvious fitness and health is anything to go by: it is no wonder Herbalife is such a successful franchise.

The Well Being Shows are blessed to have so many health supplement options represented at every event. And one constant is the sparkling personality of all who promote their brands.

Although mentioned in the interview: I would specially thank Michelle for her fantastic offer of help and support at the beginning of my weight loss journey. All of Michelle’s years of training and wisdom were available for the asking and not once did she talk about her products. A simply fantastic gesture and one which will never be forgotten. Thank you, Michelle.

The interview is concise, and listeners will get a real ‘feel’ for the possibilities Herbalife Products have to offer. You can sense Michelle’s enthusiasm and dedication to Herbalife. And you will listen to her explain the immense benefits of using the product and the opportunities available after becoming a member of the Herbalife family. Of course, you can meet Michelle at many of The Well Being Shows, and you will enjoy spending time with this bright and happy lady.

Enjoy the short interview: Not only are you introduced to Michelle: You get a real feel for the fantastic atmosphere of A Well Being Show.



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