Nottingham Well Being Show – Review – When writing a review, one has to resist the temptation to make the event seem better than reality. So the reader should accept this article is fair. Continuing with the show was a significant risk and one not taken lightly. The step-up from Trowell to The Jubilee Conference Centre is a big gap to bridge.

Previous attendance numbers at Trowel suggested it was worth continuing with the Nottingham Well Being Shows. So, after assessing last weekends Well Being Show, we can confirm The Jubilee Conference Centre will continue to be the home of this prestigious event.

Without a doubt, the Community provided a fantastic show for Visitors. During conversations, Visitors confirmed their enthusiasm for the Community and the show. We can be sure nothing was lacking in this area of the weekend’s event. Well! In truth, there would be no show without the Community. However, there is a need to repeat the fantastic attitude and presentation of the fifty attending members proves their dedication to success. Something extraordinary is happening with the community aspect of shows. We are beginning to listen to members talking about ‘our’ shows’ and ‘our ‘community’ in almost every conversation. This aspect is an acknowledgement of the power and potential of unified purpose. Over the next two years, the Community will reap a harvest of success and dare I say ‘profit’ from their endeavours.

The Show:

Saturday morning’s weather was atrocious and although I have no opinion as to the influence of weather on the success of an event. I feel we could have suffered in this instance. A general feeling amongst us was the heavy overnight rain, and continuous downpour did take its toll on footfall: So what of the footfall figures?

Saturday:- 256

I cannot comment if this is good or bad: It has to be the baseline of the show. Only when assessing next years events, will we know if progress is being made. Yes, the figures have exceeded the old Nottingham Trowell: however, the previous show’s numbers are not relevant to the dynamic of the Jubilee venue. They are chalk and cheese; the two shows cannot be compared.

The two room’s worked well. Most retailers were centred in the conference room and therapists and counsellors in the atrium. The atmosphere in both places was excellent and held the usual Well Being Show Vibes. I asked Visitors if they were happy with the layout and could not find a one who disliked the format.

By one o’clock on Sunday I realised the show numbers would be near the same as Saturday and the floor seemed a little slower than the previous day, although the figures disproved the reality. The talks were well attended through the day, and Visitors in the talk rooms certainly affected the perception of people at the Well Being Show.

There is no reckoning how Visitors choose who to work with or purchase from: Some of our busiest Community Members at other shows commented they had not faired so well, and some said they made positive progress. In truth, we will see a turnover in attending Community in the early days of any new venue. Although, many who participated in this weekend have already chosen to book for both shows next year. These early bookings have to bode well for the future.

We will address the issues with food. As for the music in the atrium, we will use our PA system next year. The talk rooms worked well, and the talk and workshop schedule will be extended in 2020. One concern was about external signage to the Jubilee Conference Centre. Again, we have taken note about the issue, and you can be assured there will be maps and videos aplenty guiding Visitors and Community to the Well Being Shows.

Was the show a success? The answer must be: Yes! The first Well Being Show held at the Jubilee Conference Centre has proven there is incredible potential for the future. All Community Members who attended recognised they are associated with a prestigious show, in a world-class building.

All who took part in this first show knew they were entering uncharted waters. There was no way of predicting how the weekend’s event would fair. In the final hours of the Sunday afternoon, Community realised there was incredible potential for the future. We can double the attending Community Number if desired, we can double the talk schedule, and I believe we can increase the Visitor footfall.

One final word:

Community Members who attended this show demonstrated a willingness to test the event. It is no easy task to say yes to exhibit at a new venue. All of you who made this show work must accept they have achieved something extraordinary indeed. And what would that be? You exceed the footfall of the first Lincolnshire Well Being Show which has become a superb weekend of wellbeing. We should all expect The Nottingham Well Being Show to follow in Lincolnshire’s growth.

Well Done: You did a fantastic job.

See You at Lincoln

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  1. What happened at our new venue: Nott’ Univ. Jubilee Centre? Simple: WE CAME, WE SAW, WE CONQUERED 🙂 🙂

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