Workshop and Courses Page – As many people will now realise I’m bringing into play some of the plans and designs for LizianEvents News and our social media platforms. We are dedicated to connecting Community Members to Visitors and people interested in The Well Being, Pure Spirit and Creativity Connected shows.

The interest in our mentoring days: Website Construction day: and Weekly LEN Podcast has been nothing short of amazing. The Website Construction day saw three hundred and fifty readers on the page! I have a feeling the courses will be well subscribed.

The final addition to LEN’s information assets is a ‘Workshop and Courses’ Page. Community Members and Friends of the Community can list their course and workshops on this page. It is a simple design, which is easy to read and navigate. Dave Harper immediately added Simon Goodfellow’s 2020 date within ten minutes of receiving the notification! And as many will know: Dave is a 101% marketeer, he would not subscribe to anything which would not be beneficial.

Dave Harper Subscribed Within Ten Minutes!

Course and Workshop Page Format - LizianEvents


To make a listing list out the course date(s) and name(s) in the same format as the ones on the page: add your contact information; an email or website link or simple phone or text number and it will be embedded in the link. The listing will be live within twenty-four hours of being received. 

It seems essential to provide Community Members with every opportunity to promote their work and endeavours. The Directory is another asset which can be used by all who are involved in The Well Being, Pure Spirit and Creativity Connected shows. And Friends of LizianEvents can also use the Directory to their advantage. At the moment we have one one hundred people promoting their goods and services on this page. It is worth spending five minutes to write up some information and add a picture. Many Community Members have sold products and gained clients from their contribution to this page.

Remember there is no charge for using any of the promotional assets provided by LizianEvents. We intend to reinvest into the infrastructure and platforms which promote the Community, Shows and Events. There is no underestimation of the tasks ahead, and we must keep working tirelessly to gain awareness of our goals and objectives:

A reminder of the objectives:

Build a robust and influential Community-Driven organisation
Daily news-letters providing readers with Community information
Use show profits to strengthen promotional activities
Unite Visitors and Community Members
Provide promotional assets for the Community’s use
Seek Visitor feedback and opinion
Listen to Community suggestions
Build exciting and reader-friendly media streams

Of course, there are many other additional promotional assets to be used: Instagram and Twitter are not utilised to our best advantage… at the moment. However, we will integrate these two social media streams to the Community’s strength in 2020.

Course and Workshop Page One - LizianEvents

Over the next few weeks, LEN’s articles will be talk recordings, two book reviews and a few revisits of popular Community articles. We are already gearing up for an immensely productive 2020. Booking forms are coming in, and there are plenty of new Community Members coming on board.

The final word is this: use LEN to your advantage; its readership is growing steadily. Daily post figures are gaining ground. We will undoubtedly hit the ten-thousand per month readership early in 2020. The next target is fifteen-thousand readership, and at that marker, we will see immense promotional dividends. Community Members who write articles and make submissions to LEN cannot lose by their commitments.

See You Soon

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