Today’s article is focussed on Community Member Mr Rick Paul. Rick is an ever-popular Spiritual Counsellor who enjoys great success wherever he appears. With a growing reputation and extensive following, Rick is destined to become nationally recognised for his work.

In the podcast, you will listen to his thoughts on sceptics and the ways the ‘readers’ have had to adapt in an ever-changing world. He talks about the importance of respecting clients and working with integrity.

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Mr Rick Paul

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There is no doubting Rick is a fascinating man who takes his work very seriously indeed. He is dedicated to improving every aspect of his work: from NLP and Hypnosis to many months of working to become a Reiki Master. Rick enjoys his Facebook live sessions. One recently attaining thousands of views and hundreds of comments. Yes! Rick is making waves.

When visiting Well Being or Pure Spirit shows spend a few moments with Rick Paul. Enjoy a short or full consultation. You may well walk away with a different and enlightening view of the future.

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