An impromptu video recorded in Nottingham. You’ll gain further insight into the show and why we consider it to be a new event.

A new addition to The Community List this week Kathrine and Marco of ‘New World Creations’ – Everyone is delighted to welcome our popular friends to this Well Being Show.

Newark Well Being Show
February 15 + 16 – 2020
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Showground 
NG24 2NY

68 Community Members
50 Superb Talks
Stage Performances and Demonstrations

Attending Community Members updated 02.02.20:

Alie Rees Ceramics – hand made ceramics: wheel-thrown, hand-decorated and glazed
Alison Dean – spiritual card readings, specialist rune readings
All Ears Rabbit Rescue – scarves, cards and gifts to raise funds for rabbit rescue centre
Aloe Vera Store – forever living products and business opportunities
Anahata Centre Lincoln – providing training courses for reflexology and nlp
Aura Fusion – aura photographs and reports
Aura Soma – colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality
Barrie John – psychic clairvoyant consultations
Body and Mind Place – yoga and mindfulness classes
Brigitte Rix – author of afterlife channelled books
Craig Collinson Ltd – author of ‘improve your life: 21 strategies that will make the difference’
Crystal Carols (The Crystal Workshop) – crystals, carvings, crystal jewellery
Dance of Life Tai Ji – tai ji, qi jong classes and demonstrations for all
Delta Direct – demonstration and sale of unique massage products
doTERRA Essential Oils – natural aromatherapy products for you, your family & your home
Elemental Balance  – bio-resonance therapy
Elisa Gray Celtic Ogham – tarot and celtic ogham reader
Emma Gowshall – animal communication & emmett for dogs
Ethically Gifted – fair trade and eco-friendly gifts, décor and accessories
Feel Better Fast – past & present spiritual readings, past life regression and hypnosis
Feet First Reflexology – reflexology treatments
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer – traditional spiritual healing and hand made comforters
Hands R4 Healing
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium – spiritual medium and ribbon reading
Isagenix – health and wellness products
Iza Moon – musician, poet, storyteller – CDs and handcrafted medicine jewellery
Jill Fraser Therapies – ear candling therapy and handmade organic ear candles
Joylina Living with Soul – psychic clairvoyant, tarot, angel & soul readings
Karen-Tessa Spiritual Medium  – spiritual medium and healer
Leone Edwards – psychic clairvoyant medium – readings focusing on past, present & future guidance & spiritual messages
Malalalauk – the henna fairy
Melanie Wellard Therapies – Crystal Light Therapy
Mel-Jay – silver & gold crystal jewellery, specimen crystal carvings & minerals
Michelle Whyatt Spiritual Medium 
Mobile Reflexology – therapy treatments incorporating a mixture of energy-based modalities to balance mind body and soul
Mystical Messengers – Geraldine & Brian’s crystal and organite handcrafted creations
Mystic Christine – psychic medium using tarot cards
Native American Traditions – talks, demonstrations and products from native american traditions
Naturally Smart – vegan certified hand made skincare products
New Horizon Life – heal your home – tools to combat geopathic stress & sick building syndrome
New World Creations – beautiful angel sculpture
OilFACTION – essential oils, diffusers for home and car and home fragrance solutions
Old Pain 2 Go – oldpain2go – train your body to ‘forget’ old pain
Ollie and His Super Powers – emotional wellbeing coaching and related products
Pam Shield – tarot reading and spiritual guidance
Pyramid Lady – pyramid healing, pyramids for meditation and gong baths
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium – medium, reiki master and spiritual counsellor
Sanctuary Reflexology – reflexology, reiki and acupressure massage
Second Chance – Campbell Wallace  – author of ‘second chance’ an inspirational journey through illness and transplant
Sense the Senses – a range of insense and home fragrance solutions
Shirley Ann – psychic, medium and card readings
Shine with Ali – ladies clothing and accessories
Simon Goodfellow – mediumship, tarot, psychometry and promotion of courses
Soul Sisters – imported fabrics, boxes and incense from India
Stephanie King – soulpreneur
Summer Rose Tarot – ribbon & tarot readings, divination retail items
The Woodland Trust – spreading awareness of the need to protect ancient forests and create new woodlands
Therapy Training Academy – reiki and eft course information & promotion of Marie Curie services
Tranquil Awakenings – therapy based training courses for professional and personal development
Witch’s Heart – handmade witchcraft and hoodoo supplies including ritual candles & tool

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