Comments and Thoughts – During every event, Visitors will see Ian walking the floor with his cameras and field recorder. He not only collects an immense amount of media information: he learns the opinions and thoughts of Visitors.

The shows are Community Driven and evolve because we listen to both Community and Visitors. During 2020 we will be increasing our collection of all attendees opinions, comments and thoughts.

It is essential to the future growth of The Well Being Shows to become recognised as unique and Visitor interactive. There is NO point in looking at other events; we have to produce shows which are a reflection of Visitors needs and expectations.

All shows will now include a ‘comments and thoughts’ table. Visitors will be encouraged to fill in the ‘comments’ book and also make email suggestions about how they wish the shows to evolve.

Not only will attendees be able to speak to Ian during the events. They can make positive and possibly far-reaching contributions to the progress of The Well Being Shows. 

People who contribute their comments and thoughts are entered into a draw for the best and most constructive ideas. The prize will be a free-entry ticket to ALL shows organised by LizianEvents for 2021. This prize includes: Well Being Shows: Pure Spirit Shows and Connectivity Connected. A prize worth over eighty pounds. Not only this, we will offer three year passes. Those who win the prize will be acknowledged in LizianEvents.

There is no let-up in determination to reinvest in the organisation’s events. Everyone will see significant investments in 2020. The intention is to heighten the Visitors enjoyment during their visit. Now we have secured three large and prestigious venues for many years ahead (for example Lincoln’s Epic Centre is booked until 2029) the lens is focussed on providing more reasons for Visitors to travel to the events.

The interest from potential Community Members is becoming stronger every month. However, we have to keep a balance of Community and Visitors. While it would be easy to fill all of our venues with attending Community: we first need to bring more Visitors to the events. Therefore the choice is to expand the appeal. We could not make significant investments without having an extensive calendar of shows to utilise the purchases. It would be not very intelligent to give away the ideas already planned, but be satisfied, we will be following established methods of innovation and evolution.

Visitors to the shows are encouraged to contribute to the comments book. And talk to Ian if they have any comments about their visit. Remember, we intend to gather information about every aspect relevant to our shows. It will be used to enhance the future Visitor enjoyment of the event.

See You Soon

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