15 + 16 February Newark Well Being Show Review: This show was a triumph for the attending Community Members. It should be seen as the accumulation of three years of work and evolution. Without a second thought, I can write Visitors loved the event, and The Community have won the hearts, minds and memories of over six hundred people.

These words are no exaggeration: in fact, it is an understatement. We have enjoyed a steady increase in attendance and Visitor loyalty during the last thirty-six months, and like a beautiful flower’s shoot, the first signs of spring are seeing the garden of Well Being blossom. In the years of the future, the Community will continue to nurture its identity as The Well Being Show and more Visitors will arrive to pollinate their minds with ideas, and Well Being Experience.

Review: Newark: LizianEvents

Let’s consider the show:

As organisers, we made mistakes this weekend. They may have been small. However, they were noticed by some Visitors:

The open talk area required audio amplification.
Demonstration area’s and children’s activity area need defining separation.
Background music should cover the whole venue.
Talk’s rooms, demonstration and open talk areas require extended information and guides beyond the show guide.
Heating of the venue needs refinement.

Everyone can be confident we will address these issues before the next event held at The Lady Eastwood Centre. And of course, we have identified many additions and improvements to heighten Visitor enjoyment during future events.

Review: Newark Show: LizianEvents

Community Talks:

The talk schedules were a one-hundred percent hit. I have listened to all of the recorded talks, and the quality of presentations and depth and breadth of subject matter was superb. All Community presenters are awarded five stars for their evident dedication to providing Visitors with surprising insights into Well Being thoughts and ideas between the shows. And it is interesting how many Community Members are asking for their presentations to be recorded.

Incidentally, we are amazed at the feedback being received from Visitors who listen to our iTunes platform. This asset is gaining a good following and keeps Community in contact with Visitors. Not only this: we are receiving special requests from Visitors who cannot attend a show for specific talks to be recorded.

Newark Review: LizianEvents

Community Reader/Spiritual Counsellors:

I’m certain Reader/Spiritual Counsellors will offer mixed opinions of how they faired. Some had a languid weekend. And new attendees were very gracious in their assessment. Another consistent comment was the need to build Visitor awareness of their presence. I feel this was a very astute and kind assessment. All reader/counsellors can be assured we will continue with our policy of maintaining the restricted number of readers at our Well Being Shows. (this weekend we had 12 readers in a 65 Community a percentage of 18%. Well below the average. And an acceptable level) readers will benefit from a unique addition to the LEN pages during March to help them with promotion and client bookings.

I’m pleased to write the readers who have taken on the short reading, and three-tier pricing structure thrived during the show. AND this guidance was commented on by four Visitors. One confirmed the potential by saying ‘I cannot express my feelings that I can afford to have a reading. He (Rick Paul) was amazing, and his reading was life-changing, I wish I could have afforded to give him more but my budget of the day is limited. I have loved a short therapy with Mike and reading with Rick. Thank you, I’ll see you later in the year’ — a delighted Visitor.

Newark Review: LizianEvents


Community Retail:

All retailers spoke of fair trade. Many retailers recognised continue to limit genre and products. As with readers, it would be simple to stack up the stalls and fill the venue. However, this wretched business policy would mean too many retail stalls against Visitor numbers.

Newark Review: LizianEvents

Community Therapists:

All therapists enjoyed their show. This is a tricky avenue to become established within. Like reader/counsellors, one has to make sacrifices during the early days to gain and maintain longterm and faithful clients. I was heartened to see how many therapists have taken on the suggestion of short and affordable sessions. One therapist commented to Liz and I ‘I cannot believe how well the short sessions have been. I have gain new customers throughout the day’ There is nothing more to write on the subject other than The Community’s shows have gained a reputation for kindness, giving and the highest of moral and ethical ethos.

Newark Review: LizianEvents

Promotional Community:

Here we saw growth and a high degree of success. I cannot give known examples, but three different Community members were a million percent happy with the outcome of their weekend. Going Visitors love the interaction of learning about everything from fantastic bespoke holidays to learning about life-enhancing martial arts. Philip Burgess’s yoga classes enjoyed great popularity, and we are pleased to say most Visitors attending his classes travelled explicitly to be with him over the weekend.

Newark Review: LizianEvents


My feeling is the overall opinion the catering has improved. There is no way any catering will fulfil the needs of every Visitor. The main comment is we had no definitive complaint or outright negative feedback. Our input was that the separate food area fulfilled one of the chief complaints at the Cedric Ford Pavilion.

Newark Review: LizianEvents


The Community made the show. Nothing can take away the magnificence of this fantastic Well Being Show. How good was it? Consider these facts: I have never attended a show where people were told it was time to pack up and close the show. Liz and I were tempted to see how long the show would run for if we let it continue on Sunday evening. Indeed, I counted how many Visitors remained as they left in the final minutes: The answer sixty-three. Over fifty Saturday Visitors returned and paid the extra three-pounds to update their ticket to a weekend pass. The comments and reviews given by Visitors as the left the show were brilliant. 

If the weather had been with us, goodness knows how many people would have attended this event. You can be assured we will step up the marketing and promotion of your Well Being Shows. And the message is to all who wish to be part of this unique Community Join us and prosper together.

Finally, I copy yesterday’s comment:

Thank You – Stars in A Universe of Well Being – We thank The attending Community Members who braved severe weather and made this first show at The Lady Eastwood Centre such an extraordinary maiden voyage. You have more than sparkled! The Newark Well Being Show of the 15 + 16 February WAS a fantastic event and will be remembered by the hundreds of Visitors who more than loved YOUR Well Being Show.

To EVERY ONE OF YOU AMAZING PEOPLE – THANK YOU! Never underestimate the incredible influence and effect you have made on all who crossed flooded roads and counties to enjoy the show.

Community Members! You are attaining a reputation of undoubted excellence. You are part of a superb Well Being movement who will bring great peace and happiness to all who come under your spell of Well Being.

Thank You

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  1. I thought the event was first class – and it was interesting to tour as a visitor.

    I have long believed that at MBS shows generally, the reader and therapist stands were positioned too closely together for privacy, comfort and professionalism. The extra space at the show worked well, and was a significant improvement.

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