Well Being Means – I’ll Be There For You: We are asked about our policy about the shows not being cancelled. Attention was drawn to a comment which suggested we were irresponsible. Community and Visitors will decide for themselves. Who knows what irresponsible is? A bottle of whiskey a night: An few drinks in a bar after a hard weeks work in an unforgiving office. The Chinese takeaway for the family when there is little money in the bank? Irresponsible is doing what we feel is right: against the consensus of what others  ‘know’ or ‘believe’ is right:

I decided to put up a post on LizianEvents News FaceBook Page: It read:

Anyone feel like a Protest Well Being Show?
Risk Takers and Free Spirits are Welcome
I’ve an idea…

And indeed we have!

We have had one-thousand badges printed:

Well Being Means: LizianEvents

We believe many people do not want to be associated with rhetoric and speculation. By the time our next Well Being Show Opens its doors the probability is, we’ll all be returned to normal, and many will be saying ‘I told you there was nothing to worry about’. The fact our shows are staying on the calendar is a protest against negative speculation. It is an indication of hope and future.

We have spoken to venues we use managements. The steps being taken to protect visitors is fantastic. Extra deep cleaning and extra soap and disinfectant provided at every required area. They follow all guidelines and in fact, exceeding the requirements. And one other aspect you should consider: The buildings are not in constant use. Therefore infection levels during the extended empty periods become practically zero.

Our opinion is this: The probability is the outbreak and dangers will be fully appreciated in nearly ten weeks when The Pure Spirit Event opens its doors. And The Well Being show is just short of twelve weeks away: For us to cancel the shows does not make sense. Keeping the shows on the calendar suggests that those involved are determined and see the future as healthy and strong. There is plenty of evidence to suggest the situation will be different 

When I put up the post:

Anyone feel like a Protest Well Being Show?
Risk Takers and Free Spirits are Welcome
I’ve an idea…

The idea is to wear a badge! To SHOW people that to be a Well Being means to be positive: hold hope and courage in one’s mind: Those who protest – often see beyond the immediate time: they know that humankind will sometimes have to endure hardship and suffering. Humankind endures difficulties and setbacks. There will be sudden loss and incredible moments of celebration. We choose not to cancel Well Being Shows because to do so offers defeat. It says: there is no future: we are doomed. And the majority of The Community are strong and support and care for those around them.

We choose to say: Here is something to look forward too: And there will be many people who will also celebrate this message. We do not cancel the shows because those who offer ideas of ways to become a Well Being are realists and strong. Our Community seems to want to say: We’ll show everyone that one way to be a Well Being is to demonstrate strength and follow our core principles. We SHOW there is a probability for hope and future. You see we feel great when we face difficulties head-on! Understand the reality and demonstrate one’s strength: this is pure human power at its very best. Some of you talk about the power of thought. belief, universal law, well put this into practice: If you believe in the power of attraction then think about your thoughts today.

Those who wear the badge will say:

Well Being Means: LizianEvents

The badge also means: I care and I will be there no matter what: You may not see us every day – but we are here: Of course you can fill in your meanings to the sentiment. You can give one to a friend who is lost: Another who has a moment of fear: You see Well Beings are givers: Are Strong: Follow the problematic path: See the future not the past: Have endurance: And when you are a Well Being you can be there for those who are not so strong: in worry: sometimes lost.

And what if I’m wrong? What if those who want to see doom, gloom and disease as a permanent danger, spurious and distorted news reason to worry, and are motivated to instil fear. What if they are right? What if millions die? 

Well, the message is still sound. People who hold deep spiritual beliefs, embellish the words of masters within their souls, those who fight and protest and see hope and the overcoming of a threat as the right path. They will always be there for those who are weaker. Well Being means ‘I will be there for you’.

If we have to make changes to our plans: we will do so: in the meantime: I’ll Write:

Anyone feel like a Protest Well Being Show?
Risk Takers and Free Spirits are Welcome
I’ve an idea…

Here is the Idea – Wear the badge – Demonstrate and Show Strength – Be a Well Being

Well Being Means: LizianEvents

See You Soon 🙂

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  1. I count Lizian as a business, as a community, and Liz and Ian personally, as my friends. Good friendship is about sometimes disagreeing, and remaining friends. I hope my response will be treated in that light. If you want to take this down, that is fine, that would not affect our friendship.

    Frustratingly, I agreed with much of what you said – but disagreed upon your conclusions. I too organise events ( literary ones), albeit with smaller numbers (under 100 normally) and have two coming up in the near future. Like MBS shows, the audience is typically older in profile, and benefits from the community aspect of the event, as much as the content. I have cancelled.

    I wholly agree that many of us are frustrated at the rhetoric and speculation which is swirling around.

    The two most severe incidents of infection, in China and Italy, provide us with evidence.

    In China, after three months of what amounts to Martial Law, the infection rate appears to be diminishing, but the schools in Hubei are not back yet. That suggests that we have a minimum of three months of this, 80 odd thousand infected, around 3241 deaths. A mortality rate of around 3%.

    In Italy, the virus has spread faster, more quickly, and with greater mortality, around 35000 cases, 3500 deaths. A much higher mortality rate.

    I am a libertarian, and free spirit. I do not like to be told what to do. Equally, with freedom comes responsibility. Just because we can do something does not mean that we should.

    Rick Paul ran a fascinating piece a few days back about “Salesman or customer”. One of my favourite sayings is that “The customer is not always right – but what they think is always right. “ ( Dale Carnegie) White Light events ran a poll the other day on Elsecar.

    Around 100 replied, well short of the 1000 needed for serious statistical evidence. Nonetheless it was a snapshot. Two thirds of visitors and exhibitors said they would not attend, a third said they would. But it was not simply the numbers that interested me, it was the reasons. They were uniformly that not only did they not wish to risk their own health, but overwhelmingly did not wish to risk the health of others in their family and social groups from the dissenters.

    This is a letter from a Chinese resident:

    “I would really like to help everyone in America and the UK who is suffering from anxiety due to Covid-19, but really all that I can say is that quarantines work. They’ve worked in China, they’ll work in America and the UK — IF people are disciplined about sticking to them. It’s important to remember that, if you are healthy, this is not about YOU. If you’re not a member of a vulnerable group, you’ll probably be fine. So this is about protecting your fellow citizens who are vulnerable to this illness. Don’t panic. Don’t hoard resources.

    Do you know why the people of Wuhan were able to spend their evenings singing to each other from balconies instead of being afraid? They knew that they were acting (by doing nothing), they were sacrificing their time, in order to save the people in their lives who were elderly or immunocompromised. View social distancing, whatever it costs you, as a gift that you can give to people who might otherwise suffer. Admittedly, this is easier when you’re part of an overarching culture that values every human life as being equally valuable, and doesn’t see the vulnerable as losers who have failed to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, but still. I’ve been quarantined for two months, now, and it’s frustrating, but it’s effective, and therefore it is a fragment of a larger good.”

    I have personally had conversations with two different hospital consultants over the past two days. Both said that the situation was being underplayed at present, that they anticipated things deteriorating further, and that social distancing was vital. A message consistent with the World Health Organisation and the UK Chief Medical Officer.

    The slogan “I’ll be there for you” is a good one. It could mean LEN running Facebook Lives, Zoom meetings, and podcasts to help the vulnerable, including an offer that anyone needing help during self isolation could contact Lizian for help. What fabulous publicity that would be.

    I care about the Lizian Brand, and the Lizian community. I think that defying the advice of all experts risks not striking a blow for liberty, independence and rebelliousness, but instead looks foolish, needlessly putting at risk exhibitors and customers. The Lizian community, as built by many over the past few years, does not deserve that.

    Gary Longden

    • I like your response Gary, well put. Freedom is a tenuous thing, right now we have the luxury of choice, follow the suggested advice by government who are working to science. Ignore it and I think our choices and freedoms will be taken away. Maybe that by believing we have a choice in the matter makes our processing of the inevitable easier because we feel as individuals we have some control. Whatever. Until a solution is found quarantine will enable functioning and management and life and behaviour will change in the process. As we adapt and rise to the challenge we should grow, it should be a positive and powerful change.

    • Interesting and well thought through reply Gary: I do not see we have gone against the ruling of this government at the time of writing! Of course, we will comply with all measures and to do so would be impossible: If the shows have to close we will do so: The point here is at the time of writing we made a choice: Although sharp thinking will see another aspect of the whole aspect of this issue. I do not think we put anyone at risk as it would be the peoples and Community’s choice to stand and the venues choice to not allow the shows to continue: All those who chose to use our thoughts as irresponsible ignore the certainty that we have clearly said at the time of writing there is/was nearly three months ahead.

      Incidentally: we had already instigated the connections of LEN ready for very tight and concise connections with podcasts and many people are already invited to join in on the podcasts. Watch this space!

      See you on the other side:


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