An absolutely fascinating insight into one of The Community’s most popular members: Heather Wood. In this podcast, you will discover Heather’s thought’s on subjects as diverse as:

Spiritual Strenght
Easy Hypnotic exercise to release stress
Insight into Heather’s writing
Talks about her article ‘The Bird House’
And discover a ‘profound insight’ into the present situation

Listen to the Podcast:


Further Information about Heather:

There is always a healthy demand for spiritual readers and mediums during the shows. And it is good to have an additional reader attending the Well Being Shows. Visitors enjoy meeting and interacting with new Community Members, and I am sure Heather will become a favourite member of The Community.

Heather Wood: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Hi, my name is Heather, and I am a spiritual medium although I am never sure how best to describe what I do as I also use my intuitive and psychic skills to give a holistic reading, not only looking at what the future may hold but looking at a person’s characteristics and personality. These are then used to determine strengths and areas that may need a little extra care and attention. I aim to use guidance on how to develop these areas and restore calm and balance should it be necessary while giving clarity and comfort.

Working with the Tarot and Energy Oracle Cards in additional to using ribbons allows me to communicate with both my own and the other person’s guides. I am a natural empath, and often I will receive information about a person or their loved ones before they even sit down.

I consider it an honour and a privilege to have been chosen by spirit to share information, love and guidance with those who come for a reading with me and my aim is for them to leave feeling that they have had a positive and enlightening experience.


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  1. This was excellent, and a fine follow on from her essay. Heather epitomises soft words, but hard deeds, for me. Quite, unassuming, but absolutely compelling on her gift and work.

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