Well, everyone, we made it! I doubt anyone will have expected today to be as strange as this one. It is now impossible to predict the future in any way. Everything changes from day to day. Even though we are not in the best of places, our inner-beings know we must insist on celebrating traditional holidays. Christmas celebration says: ‘We can be as one: We can join together in a single purpose’.

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While sitting at your Christmas table take a few moments to celebrate the meaning of today: It is one of new birth and hope. I doubt the message of Christ’s birth has held such significance since December 1945. And I write of the message of hope for humankind: You see Christ’s life journey is about future and sacrifice. And the knowledge of this is symbolic of every lifetime.

Everyone of you has had to make the most significant of sacrifices over the last year. We have lost so much: lives, security and future potentials. And yet, we have within us resilience and incredible fortitude. We have a spirit of life and a soul of love which are the seeds of new beginnings and rebuilding our societies.

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This planet Earth is one of amazing potential. It supports and feeds us and suffers from neglect and environmental injustice. Each of us who is fortunate to know of life is blessed. Friends are connected and families thrive. And although we have our differences, the truth is we are blessed to even know of the issues. To have lived and known the beauty of the land, sky and sea is beyond gold and possessions.

No matter where we are today: no matter what circumstances: we have survived the last year and can do so in the coming months. Our choice is to see today as a marker of new beginnings and hope for the future. We know the days ahead will see happiness and, in truth, frustration and anger. Not one of us has the slightest idea of where the crisis will take us: However, there is a certainty: within each of us is the ability to make the lives of those close to us happy and secure. All we have to do is give support to those in difficulty and let people know you care. There is no single way: my way could agitate strangers: and another opinion could cause agitation. But learning to respect an individual’s opinions is one way to find peace and contentment.

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Here is my final thought. Everyday the sun set’s and there will be a tomorrow. Days become weeks, weeks become months and in time another year, decade and century will manifest. And all things change: all moves and progresses. In time we will find peace and a return to freedom. The celebration of Christmas day guides us to know: there is birth, hope, sacrifice, toil, celebration, happiness, sadness and rebirth. The way of Humankind.

May Your God and Angels Bless You Today


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