Why consider Spirit Release Therapy as a form of balancing the body and releasing negative energy?

Hypnosis is used to open a safe communication with any energies that do not belong with a person and a therapeutic discussion ensues, allowing the energy to be gently returned to the light with the aid of the Arch Angels and Ascended Masters who I work with.  

I may call on spiritual surgeons to assist if it is stubborn energy that is holding onto your light and has made your soul its home.  Even dark energies contain light and these too can be dealt with compassion and love. Spirit Releasement is a therapy, not a rite. 

Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT) is an excellent de-possession method developed by the late Dr William Baldwin. It is sometimes referred to as “A clinical approach to de-possession”. Some therapists class themselves as spiritual surgeons. Whatever the chosen label, the session is safe, calming, and informative.

You will discover why the negative energy has attached and what it is doing there. We will also find out what symptoms it is causing within your body. It might be lost and just jumped into your energy field as you were the passing light when it was confused. It may have been sent to you by another person. I bring the energy to the voice box to communicate with it to find out what it is doing there. If the energy has had a traumatic life, it may not initially want to go into the spirit realms.

For example, if their life was one of causing harm to others, they may be reluctant to leave and face the music. I have many techniques in my toolbox where I can show the negative energy what and who is on the other side waiting for them to go home, replenish their soul and move forward in their own light.

Spirit Releasement is a therapy, not a rite. Unlike exorcism, it comes from a position of love and compassion, not confrontation. It aims both to free the client and to assist the attached spirit to continue its evolutionary journey. I recently performed a spirit release with a client in the Isle of Wight via a zoom session. It snook into her energy when she lived in the UK in a Victorian property where it had resided for many years.

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Time Stands Still

The negative energy attached itself to her loving light, but it drained my client of her energy for its own desire to survive there. The negative energy told me what happened in their life on earth, a sad, traumatic, and mentally draining life where they eventually took their own life to release themselves from trauma. They were not ready to go back to spirit at first, and then, and they decided not to back at all to face the council of elders.

As a light Substitute, they invaded my client’s energy field with thoughts of suicide, to act out what had happened to them, but she was made of strong stuff, and it was hard for the negative energy to penetrate her will. They even tried changing tactics at one stage and instilled thoughts of harm in my client’s head toward her baby niece and tried to get my client to act. An attachment’s character can be so strong that it takes over the loving energy it has hijacked. How many times I have heard someone during pre-session say, “the thoughts in my head are not mine; I have no idea where they are coming from.” The spirit/soul operates through the mind and body and causes issues that arise; imbalances occur in the client.  Thankfully, she called out for help.  

Is there anything else that may need to be explored to ensure that spirits stay clear in the future? Absolutely yes. There may be a weak point in the client’s aura or a mental block that needs to be overcome. The negative energy many have hijacked the client for hundreds of years forming conditioning, which I release the client from and replace the negative energy with colours from the spirit realm and affirmations (all brought to me by a spirit during the session).  The client and negative energy may have had previous lives handfasted in a marriage where one has completed their tasks, and the other refuses to let go.  

If you have connected with any part of the above or feel drained and out of sync for no reason, please contact me for a free consultation as to how I can help you.

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