Last weekend we opened the doors to The Newark Well Being Market. As everyone knows it was a 101% success. As a result of the weekend event, we have had many new applications to become Community Members. In fact, the interest has been overwhelming. One aspect of gratitude interest is the number of people who are returning Community Members.

At 07:15 last Sunday Morning Ian recorded my thoughts on the previous days trading. So before I continue, maybe it will be interesting to listen to my views:

No doubt you’ll have listened to the inference of the future of The Well Being Brand. And we will continue to promote the events to the same degree as leading up to The Newark Well Being Market. And we’ll keep the prices affordable: for examples, therapy stands will be £100:00 – Retail £120 – Counsellors £220 – Information £75 – And with the constant promotion. With superb venues and unlimited free parking, it makes sense to become a Community Member.

The feedback from everyone who traded was incredible: Carol Wallace says ‘The best event I’ve ever attended: and that INCLUDES Gorton Monastery’ – Gill Moore ‘The best event ever’ – Debbie Ison ‘Incredible’ – Peter Wall ‘Staggering’.

So that’s it for today: Enjoy your day: See You Soon:

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. It was the start of things to come. I live streams worked very well because those at home could join the talks bringing a larger potential audience to the up and coming shows and the people that came stayed on the floor mingling with friends and exhibitors, which made a real difference to the show format and exhibitors. Well done Lizian for mapping the way forward and reaching a larger audience for your exhibitors. I am sure other shows will follow your example. Looking forward to the Lincoln Show in June.

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