Important Announcement

Over the next few weeks, Visitors to LizianEvents News will see changes to this website. The show guides will be in a slightly different format and will have a contemporary and engaging look. The pages will be structured to inform. Not only this booking tickets and learning about Community Members will be an interactive experience. Visitors will also have the opportunity to make suggestions and comments about the events. At this time it is important to step up promotion and self promotion.

Community Information ~ Profiles

When looking through the massive archive: we see there are many Community Profiles that are no longer valid or totally out of date. Indeed this archive of information is in need of updating. Along with this need: it seems sense to change the format and update all current information.

We can make this asset a powerful promotional conduit for both Community Members and Well Being Brand events. So a new template has been constructed. It is fast and informative and can be used by Community Members for their own promotion. By copy and pasting the link on each page, Community Members can use their profile on any social media stream and website.

Community Profile Update

Every current Community profile will be updated: The cut-off date for previous Community Profiles is January 2019. Exhibitors who have not attended Well Being Brand Events after January 2019 will still have their profile listed. But no amendments will be made. It is accepted some will no longer trade, and website links have changed or are now redundant. Therefore there seems little point in updating the information.

New Information ~ Profiles

The new profiles will be amended on current pages. Totally new profiles will be made with fresh links. The new page will include:

  1. An insight into the Community Member.
  2. At least one video of the member talking about their work.
  3. Links to Recorded streams and articles within LEN.
  4. Links to the Community Members Website and Social Media Streams.
  5. Email Contact information.
  6. Photograph of the Community Member.
  7. Link to LizianEvents News Directory.

Video Insight

Community Members are encouraged to take part in a short video conference where they can talk about their work. Members are also encouraged and will be invited to take part in Wednesday evening’s LizianEvents Facebook Live (LEFL). This is potent way of getting news about their work and ideas to an extended public. It is certain: Visitors to Well Being Brand events are mentioning the LEFL’s more often. More often we are talking to Visitors arriving at Well Being Events with the specific purpose of meeting someone who took part in a LEFL. These videos will be placed on the Community Members Information-Profile page. There is every reason to take part in these popular recordings.

Provide the Information and Succeed

The more information a Visitor can gain about Community Members the greater the possibility they will visit a Well Being Brand Event. It is in everyone’s interest to provide Visitors and potential Visitors with every reason to attend and enjoy brilliant events. The Well Being Brand is evolving and becoming nationally known and respected. The future is looking excellent for everyone involved in this brilliant Community.


All Community Members will be contacted over the next two weeks regarding this update. Please keep an eye out for any LizianEvents emails. And consider the potential of this update to an amazing Well Being Resource. And remember there is no charge for this asset: The cost is within the stand fees and entrance fees. Remember LizianEvents is a none profit driven – community based organisation. The Well Being Brand is growing and people see Well Being and think ‘LizianEvents’ do not doubt it 🙂

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