‘Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’

Unprecedented Interest

After Barrie John’s announcement of the ‘Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’ we are pleased to be inundated with questions about how the award will work. This article should clarify the way the process.

Barrie and Gwen Acorah feel the award should be for the benefit for up and coming mediums. Nationally recognised mediums or those who already benefit from large stage audiences are not the focus of attention.

The award is without doubt, prestigious. After all, Derek was an internationally recognised medium. Therefore, whoever wins the prize will have to attain a very high standard, indeed. Anyone who is nominated will have to evidence their ability. So…

This week (03~10th October 2021) we will open an award page. On the page, there will be a nomination contact area. Visitors to the page will be able to nominate mediums. The nomination must include a synopsis about their nominee. Providing information is an essential step, as the information provided will be used to select the fifty people who will go forward to the first live assessments.

We will hold four online mediumistic conversations on LizianEvents Live. At each event, five selected mediums will take the ‘stage’ for five minutes. The audience will vote on the performances. The winner will go forward to a grand final where the audience will decide who will become the first winner of the ‘Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’.

The information provides a basic idea of how the award system will work. There will be additional aspects to the administration of the award. However, Visitors now have an idea of how the award will work.

The award will allow the winner to evidence they have attained the highest mediumistic standard and they are sure to benefit for many years after being awarded the accolade. There is no doubting the award will become a yardstick of attainment. Another aspect of the award is finalists will have their place on the Pure Spirit Events page. This means visitors to the site can contact them for the following year as well as having priority places if they wish to stand at any Pure Spirit Show.

The Prize will be a beautiful trophy and a free readers table for one year at every Pure Spirit Show!

So: If you feel you would like to take part in the online selection or you would like to nominate someone: it is as easy as using the contact button below!


  1. Sarah May has been a fine inaugural winner. it will be interesting to see how this award develops.

    I think that the Derek Ackora award is a fantastic initiative and has enormous potential.
    It raises some pivotal questions, not least of which is “what is a good medium”? here are ten questions which may help to answer that question.
    1. Is it about evidence?
    This looks straight forwards but isn’t. Aunty flo may have walked with a stick ( not unusual) but did she keep a silver spoon, given to her on her christening, in a box in the top drawer of her telephone table ( highly unusual)?
    Is one piece of highly specific evidence more valuable than three more generic ones?

    2.Is it about the quantity of evidence and the amount of time spent?
    How long is a good reading? How much evidence should be offered?

    3.Did the reading fit the billing?
    Mediums may describe their gifts, and strengths in many ways. How did the reading live up to expectations?

    4.Is it about appearance?
    Our very own Rick Paul is known for his waist coats, on the one hand irrelevant to evidence, but on the other it makes him instantly memorable. What good is a medium whom you cannot remember? What makes them memorable?

    5. Is it about their ability to deal with “misses”?
    Not all evidence can be accepted immediately for a variety of reasons. How does the medium deal with evidence given which does not apparently fit?

    6. Is it about delivery and tone?
    Some messages and evidence can be awkward to be imparted. How skilled is the medium in delivering that? What is their voice like, how fast, or slowly do they talk?

    7. Is it about likeability?
    Some mediums we warm to because of their personality, but others have a detached otherworldly quality which can be part of their strength.

    8. Is it about their structure?
    Having a reading can be daunting and emotional. A clear structure to the reading can be enormously beneficial

    9.Is it about their spontaneity?
    Sometimes a reader can seemingly abandon all structure but instantly connect with the client and Spirit, this can be exciting and rewarding.

    10. Is it about credibility?
    A mixture of all of the above

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