Self Worth

Without a doubt, one of the most significant setbacks to progress is the feeling of being unworthy. Few of us will be affected by an instant transformation from carefree to burdened. When or where the limitation is set within the unconscious mind is most often unknown. And it seems that searching for the when, how or why is a futile pastime.

The realisation of lack of esteem begins with self-talk: ‘What have I done to deserve this?’ or ‘Why has this happened to me?’ And once a feeling of unfairness or lousy luck enters the thinking process, seeds can set which grow into weeds of pain.

Scotoma is the name for tunnel vision. You drive a blue Ford, and you see blue Ford’s everywhere. Only a month before, you drove a Skoda and did not notice the blue car. And this mindset is the same with good fortune or setback.

Have you listened to the comment: ‘He only sees the worse in people’ about the miserly man disliked by people who cross his path? Here again, is the mindset coming into play and influencing life’s every aspect. If one is of a positive nature, then scotoma focuses on good fortune.

For some, the bottle is half empty and others half full. There are a unique group of people who care not for the contents of the glass. Their aim is to own the well which fills the bottle. Consider the idea with great care. Because however your see, feel, or hear a situation, it will become the outcome.

We listened to millions saying the supermarkets would be empty. An economy would collapse. And there would be riots on the streets. Some agreed some did not, others could not care either way. And the special few looked beyond the statements of speculation. Because their mindset is: ‘How can we make our lives successful in any situation?’ That’s is power the way of happiness and security.

Of course, some wear their heart on their sleeves. Sometimes it is acceptable to say: ‘Life is not so good: but this is how I and dealing with it.’ Those who talk of setbacks and disadvantages are certainly encouraging setbacks and difficulties into their lives. Take your mind back to a time when people have been publicly vindictive, offered high brow opinions, spoken without care. Where are they now? The answer will always be the same. They are still bitter, finding fault. Looking for another negative situation to feed with speculation.
Others will seek the blame in past crises, parents, siblings, work, managers, government. And those who question their ‘self-worth’ sometimes align themselves with adverse situations. To do so justifies their place within the journey of life.

You see, self-worth is all about having the strength to follow one’s convictions. Seeking the inner-being to reveal one’s faults and accept them as part of who you are and will become. And you are the good and bad aspects of your being. Knowing who you are and your limitations are where a lack of self-esteem and confidence begins. Understanding and accepting limitations and working steadily to correct negative thoughts, attitudes, and actions encourage the growth of self-worth and esteem.


Consider the idea of a five-minute meditation. Within the meditation, allow the creative mind to think of negative aspects of life as a ball of black (or any colour perceived as unfavourable). During the meditation, surround the ball of colour with’ Powerful Self Esteem’. Know the words to be potent and life-changing. Know the exercise to be one of freedom and security. Understanding this meditation can make one see positive aspects of life. And as the words spin around the ball of colour, allow the colour to change into brightness. Gold, orange, pink, yellow are suitable. Allow the bright and optimistic colour of self-esteem to flow through the body.

Over a matter of days, this short meditation will increase one’s awareness of positive and beneficial influences. Magical changes occur when one learns to symbolise negative thoughts rather than rehearse poor memories or experiences. Image a tree struck by lightning; consider the fallen wood to represent past issues. See new shoots and growth coming from the felled trunk. And now see the new growth overwhelming the old image from lost to development and new beginnings.

Have fun with these thoughts. Do not feel you have to analyse anything. Trust to the collective consciousnesses memory of power and happiness and great esteem. Magic is only a thought away.

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