Stuart Kerry says: ‘January is the month of many weeks’, and I feel the comment has merit. This month has flown by, and there has been so much to do. Everything from bookings to restocking LizianShop. And finally, we have restarted the LizianShop LIve and LizianEvents Live Shows. Ian recorded an excellent show with Paul and Debs on Tuesday and Debbie Ison on Thursday. It was heartening to see how many people were in the live audience, and both shows have now enjoyed over a thousand organic visitors.

My Wednesday evening show turned into one of exploration. The audience interaction was excellent, and after the show, I realised there were enough subject requests to keep the show busy for the next three months. And what better way to run a media show than researching the subjects suggested by the audience?

I cannot overemphasise the reach guests gain by appearing on the show. Guests have an immediate connection to live viewers, but they also gain many new clients from the adventure. Adventure? Yes! To be adventurous means we explore possibilities, and there can be no better way than being part of a public discussion. All you have to do is send me an email to be a guest.


LizianEvents News now has over 2000 articles in the archive! Including 140 videos and 100+ audio interviews. I’m not writing every one of the articles is a winner, but it is fair to comment there is plenty to interest the Well Being Brand. Worldwide Visitors numbers average 9000 each month. Some days 350+ readers read the articles. And we also enjoy visitors who sift through the whole site. Lynn Marks informed me she spent four hours on the site and is hooked!


Bookings for all shows are very healthy indeed. Many new Community Members are coming on board for 2022. Staffordshire and Newcastle already are starting to look like super events. The flexibility of using excellent platforms is working for The Community and us. And fortunately, with the size of our venues, we can accommodate large numbers of stands.


Ian and Debbie Ison recorded an interesting LizianEvents Live. The subject is Community. If you have time to watch it, there are many pointers to how and why community projects work. The video will be live here on LEN from 24.01.22. I am so proud of what the Community have bought to the world of well being. I look back over the last eighteen months and now realise the immense commitment so many made during that time. Only now can we see how their dedication and forward-thinking attitude have impressed many Visitors.

So, enjoy the week ahead, take advantage of every opportunity encountered and keep the Well Being Flag Flying!

See You Soon

Liz Clark
LizianEvents Ltd

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