A show dedicated to our friend and colleague Mr Jon Sharpe

LizianEvents Promotion
Jon + Liz Epic Centre.

What a brilliant show. How Jon Sharpe would have loved the event with his friends and colleagues. Everyone made the show work for Jon. Even though he rests in his final sleep, he was with us yesterday, and he’ll be with us today.

Jon was an integral part of LizianEvents, being part of every aspect of the shows. Promotion, setting up, stripping down, helping Community members with their stands. Jon was there for everyone, and everyone loved him for his uniqueness. Loved his crystals, healings, and retail, and of course, he adored tarot and mediumistic readings. He was the ultimate magician. 

Liz dedicated the Newark Well Being Show to the memory of our friend and colleague, Mr Jon Sharpe. He’d predicted the event would be a winner, and he was right. It was so sad not to have him with us yesterday and today. He was so looking forward to the show. 

You will be missed, our friend. Your memory will never diminish. Jon, your intelligence, sometimes strange attitudes, and dig heels in deep bloody-mindedness made you a one-off. See you later, Jon Sharpe.

Jon Sharpe 1972 ~ 2022

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