Thinking of becoming part of the Well Being Community? There is no better time to join a growing and unique group. The Community work together to find mutual success. For five years,, we have worked to bring people together and as the months have become years nearly one-hundred people have come together to trade at the Well Being Shows. They have built an extraordinary Well Being tribe.

We only have to read some comment. See the power of what is happening. No dispute working together without personal agenda spreads the word. We only have to see how many people are prepared to travel to new venues to realise their faith in fellow Community Members.

Bookings for new venues – Newcastle and Stafford are impressive! And why not? We know for certain, people travel to new shows! And everyone who remembers the old Newcastle events understands the extraordinary potential in the North East. Dave Goodfellow, Paul Willcock and Carol Wallace know the potential for Newcastle is unlimited and so do we! When The Community travels to Newcastle they are in for a magical weekend.

How do we know this? Because they have faith in their ability to attract new and fresh Visitors! And this is the point! There is nothing like our shows in the area, in the same way there is nothing like our shows in the Straffordshire area. The incredible Community knows this fact, and will thrive in their abilities.

The whole point about The Community is they realise they have built a cohesive identity. They know each other well, share ideas, enjoy the events which they see as more than a weekend of trading! Never in 25+years of working at events have we known such camaraderie. And the connections are strong! Do not think this is a made up rethoric! Read A FEW Community comments. And if you need more: go to LizianEvents Facebook page or LizianEvents Facebook Group for extensive evidence of the growth of The Well Being Brand.

This IS the reality of a Well Being Show!

Join the Community – Travel to new venues – Meet NEW Visitors
Build your Well Being Future

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