Newcastle Well Being Show
2 + 3 April
Newcastle Racecourse
High Gosforth Park
Newcastle upon Tyne

We live in a confusing world

Interestingly, it is a contemporary world full of technical wonders and conveniences, from fast food to supermarket deliveries and midnight to midnight media entertainment, which cannot prevent the discordant lives lived by millions of people. 

And the very people who choose to dismiss alternative ways of looking after body – mind and soul are those with ailing bodies, anguished minds and dismiss the decades-old spiritual ideas. Alternatively, a particular group of people see a different picture. They seek to find alternative ways to happiness, peace, security and harmony. And this group is growing! Why would this be?

Because interest in well-being and mind-body and spiritual ways is within the body, mind and soul. You see, we cannot ignore the idea of collective consciousness: the concept that we all have shared beliefs, attitudes, ideas, and knowledge common to social groups and societies. The fact is: there are certain groups of people who thrive and succeed when working together with a similar attitude. And this way of life becomes ingrained in the unconscious mind of the group. Many people believe that the collective-consciousness is passed through generations and can be awakened at any time. Primarily when external forces work against one’s peace. We believe this is why interest in the Well Being and Mind Body Spirit connection is growing. 

crop masseuse with hands near ears of woman

Many Seek Peace and Enlightenment

Never has there been a better time to discover the needs of the inner-being

The Newcastle Well Being ~ Mind Body and Soul Experience is the first step to climbing the step of alternative and esoteric happiness. Consider, for examples: the incredible growth of interest in crystals and crystal healing, Reiki and spiritual healing, alternative therapies, psychic awareness, the possibility and exploration of past lives. These genres are represented at all Well Being – Mind – Body – Spirit Experience Events. There is nothing strange in wanting to follow one’s collective consciousness. Many find peace in the journey of exploration and answers where doubt once resided. Visit a Well Being show and open the horizons of alternative ways to happiness.

Visitors to the show realise they are a part of the show!

Stallholders are on the same ‘wavelength’, and their ethos is peace, happiness and harmony. Attendees from both sides of the stand bond and become lifelong friends. To realise the events are only part of the equation, one only has to look at the LizianEvents Facebook Group page or read through the hundreds of articles on LizianEvents News. Come to a Well Being Show if you wish to make like-minded friends. The venue will have a relaxed and calm atmosphere. The layout is one of unity and ‘oneness’. We feel it will be a micro-festival – with a festive atmosphere. We are taking steps to bring people together at the shows. You’ll never be alone for long after walking through the door. Hospitality areas are our innovation. We believe making long term friends is very much part of the Well Being Ethos; loneliness is a significant cause of unhappiness. You’ll NEVER be alone at a Well Being Show.

four women in front of green bushes

Meet New Like-Minded Friends

What is fantastic and welcomed is the number of local exhibitors attending. And it’s this aspect that indicates the fundamental importance of Well Being and Mind Body and Spirit Experience. Everyone involved knows this is a new show and are prepared to make the commitment needed to make the event to most important in the North East of England. It does not require much imagination to see the potential of the Well Being Show. And those who join us at this first event will know they are the people who started something extraordinary indeed.

The interest in the show is excellent. We have promoted the event extensively in a 30-mile radius of Newcastle. Debs and Paul have distributed over 20 thousand fliers. Social media reach has attained over 80 thousand views. At the moment, we have 46 community – exhibitors standing at the show. It will provide visitors with an excellent day of Well Being and Mind, Body and Spirit happiness. Remember, Every Well Being ~ Mind Body and Soul event brings together groups of small businesses and people with a Well Being message. Providing diverse and wonderful ways to find peace and calm and harmony. Their objective is to help Visitors find ways to become a Well Being.

Visitors can enjoy everything from a psychic reading to a luxurious massage or reflexology session ~ fair trade and hard to find esoteric retail opportunities, and information stands. Alongside these, there will be music and singing workshops and the popular children’s activity area. Attendees can also listen to the wisdom provided in a weekend of talks and presentations. For example: if you are into singing and celebrating, Iza Moon’s great singing workshop is a beautiful way to find peace and tranquillity.

This is a new show in an area that has been without a large Mind Body and Spirit Event for many years. It presents an excellent opportunity to bring the concept of Well Being and Spiritual ideas to a new audience. All involved know it is the beginning of a significant Well Being ~ Mind Body and Soul Experience.

See You There

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