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We are enjoying an unprecedented number of booking enquires for all events.

There are no limit restrictions on tables at Well Being and Pure Spirit Events. We choose to use large purpose-built venues for all events. The choice was to limit the venue capacity to 55% due to safety restrictions. These no longer apply, and even if we fill the venues, there will still be unrivalled available space between the stands. It is still prudent to keep a reasonable distance between stands. However, there will still be plenty of room for comfortable areas.

Right up to the last day before the event, enquiries can be made about standing, and we can either say yes or no! But do not think you have missed the boat. Our opinion is ‘the more, the merrier. And do not think we have a closed mind about the genre of business. If you think your work falls into the Well Being or Mind, Body and Soul Experience, then make the call or send the email.

Newcastle Well Being Show: LizianEvents Ltd
Staffordshire WBS: LizianEvents Ltd
Pure Spirit Mind Body And Spirit Show: LizianEvents Ltd

Being in control of our media streams means we can change and adapt information immediately. This is an advantage to exhibiting community members and visitors. We also send out, by email, up to date changes to schedules and the community list. So there is no need to be concerned that your information will not reach visitors on time.

So, it may be that you become available at the last moment. Or plans change and you can attend a Well Being or Mind Body and Soul Show organised by LizianEvents. If this happens, then call or email, there is every possibility you can become part of the show!

The Community-based events have an incredible reputation for high-quality organisation and innovative ideas. Not only will you be part of the amazing shows, but you will also make many new friends and clients. The connection goes far beyond the weekend shows! Many people use this highly active media platform to promote their work between events. Gaining customers and clients from the constant promotional awareness of their work.


This week, we had a good question (29.03.22) ~ Why don’t you approach local businesses or holistic traders? ~ Putting the events together is pretty simple. We trust word of mouth and people finding The Well Being Brand through the internet or social media streams. However, seeking exhibitors and new Community Members is fraught with pitfalls. It is not always possible to find the contact information or even discover the existence of a company! Although the comment is noted, steps are being taken to fill the awareness gap.

Although, it could be that you know of someone who has an interest in the well-being, happiness and health of themselves or others. In this instance, why not mention The Well Being Shows to them? It is surprising how often people simply do not know about the prestigious and highly respected Well Being Shows.

So, if you wish to attend a Well Being or Mind Body and Soul Experience and you think you may have passed a deadline, contact Liz and find out about the attendance situation. Remember, we always book the best and large venues. There is every chance you’ll find yourself being part of an amazing event!

See You There

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