Today we saw a steady stream of visitors arriving during the day. No one can dispute this Well Being Show is a winner. And will continue to grow.

We cannot dispute the constant promotion of the Well Being and Pure Spirit Brand is getting results. We are seeing people arrive from every corner of Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire and beyond. Regular visitors returned from the first event and we had three people who arrived from London and a small posse of followers from Newcastle upon Tyne. If there is a testament to the reach of the events this surely must be the best of all accolades.

The talk rooms enjoyed varied attendance but it is certain no prersenter was unhappy about thier audence numbers.

Talk Room: LizianEvents Ltd

So, tomorrow is another day! And if we get anywhere near today’s attendance and interest we’ll have a fantastic day. A busy show, great attendance, wonderful people, all the promotional activity is paying dividends.

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