After a month of shows, we decided to take a two-day break. Where did we choose to go? Liverpool! The city which will host our new event. Yesterday afternoon seemed to set the stage for the future. While talking to people Liz and I met with great enthusiasm and interest in the work of the Community.

And goodness is there great interest in this Well Being Show! After showing people the images from LizianEvents News and the archive, they asked how they can become involved. We are sure this event will be a firm favourite with exhibitors and visitors alike.

Of course, you are all interested in the venue. And you’ll have to wait a few more days before the announcement. We have asked for one date this year and two dates for 2023 and there we are awaiting confirmation on one date. Many apologies for the frustrating situation.

One aspect I can write about is the size of the venue. It is not large and will be good for around 50 exhibitors. The desire is to build the show and as we have learned from Newcastle, there needs to be the correct ratio of exhibitors to visitors. And we know for certain from our experience at Newcastle, that building a new event is not just a case of hiring a venue and asking the Community to come along. We have to build from the point of strong foundations and quality will count for everything.

I presented talks at the Pure Spirit Event and took the opportunity to talk to the audience about their perception of shows or our genre. Franky, I was shocked at the replies and I will absolutely take on board the comments made. If this genre of shows are to survive there needs to be a major change in the way we are seen by the public. And as you know, LizianEvents are not afraid to regroup, change, and make radical choices.


The reception for our show concept is fantastic. New exhibitors will come to the show. We’ll surely enjoy good visitor football and there is ample opportunity to bring the new plans and formats into this lamplighter event. I love the casual and carefree attitude of the people we have spoken too, and they are so helpful with suggestions.

Of special note is the way they see the idea of a growing event, one which begins with humble beginnings and grows with so many possibilities. So today is one of more introductions, conversations and building of friendships. Liz and I are so pleased to be here in Liverpool for the next two days and we’ll keep you posted with our progress.

See You Soon

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  1. Thank you for an excellent article, the best in some while.

    Lizian has many strengths, one of the greatest is a preparedness to listen, ask questions, and then respond to, and act upon, replies . I was delighted to see that Ian has been proactively canvassing opinion from the most important people to exhibitors – visitors. I look forwards to hearing what was said, and the community response to those comments.

    There is another category of person who also needs to be asked questions – those that don’t come, and why.

    The key determining factor in the success of shows is the number of visitors. Ensuring that those who do come have an experience that encourages them to come along again , and tell others to do so is important. As is finding ways to bring new visitors who currently have many rival, well run, alternatives in the broader festival/ entertainment market to attend.

    I am excited by Liverpool “The Time Slip” capital of the Uk. The first Stafford show and Newcastle both offered some important lessons. Local exhibitors are pivotal to their success . We need to target local MBS players, specifically those with a big social media presence and local following, and find a way to get them there. The same is true of those on local University courses. There are three local significant Spiritualist churches. Typically they will have a membership of up to 40 people. That is 120 visitors there.

    There is a huge amount of experience and wisdom in the Lizian community. No obstacle is insuperable.

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