4 + 5 June 2022
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Up to 90 Attending Community Members
60 Talks and Presentations
Live Stage and Presentations

We All Love To Shop!

Shopping Opportunites at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

The Art EmPOURium
Astrological Birth Charts – Dave Green
Brigitte Rix, Author of a series of channelled books
Cameron York Candles 
Campbell Wallace, Author of Second Chance
Carrie’s Collection – Ladies Clothing & Accessories
Charming Stars 
Claire Guichard, Author ’Winds of Change’ 
CrowMoon Drums
Crystal Carols
Crystal Cave Online Ltd
Crystal Vibrations
Darren Stanton – Author ‘Jam Jar Project’
Deborah Moonshine Art
doTERRA oils
Earth Tree Healing Music & Art
Ethically Gifted 
Fenix Flames 
Gillibobs Crystal Comforters 
GM Catering – Delicious Delights Cakes and Treats inc Vegan/GF 
Hands R4 Healing
The Hemp Man
Iza Moon – CDs and Medicine Jewellery
Magikal Echoes
Native American Traditions
Naturally Smart Skincare
Natural Self-Crystal Prescriptions
Neal’s Yard Organic 
OilFaction Aromatherapy
Oraphim Shungite
The Pyramid Lady
Self Help CDs – Peter Wall
Spookylicious Wax Melts

There are hundreds of shopping opportunities at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. With nearly 40 stands, there is a fantastic range of goods and services. Visitors can buy from a great choice of retailers. Let’s face it: finding esoteric or alternative goods is pretty easy these days. An hour or so on the internet, and your item is ready for dispatch. And then the product arrives, and anticipation turns to frustration! The article is not as described. More minor, the wrong colour, and poor quality are common issues. And then you have the hassle of taking the box back to the post office and waiting for a refund or, even worse, no refund at all. We have all been in that annoying situation.

Not So at The Well Being Show!

Not everyone visits a Well Being Show for the primary reason of shopping! But the majority of Visitors have a purchase in mind; something they need or something they saw at the last event still resonates. A crystal, a unique candle, salt lamp, clothing or an exquisite piece of silver jewellery can all be found at the event.

And the Community traders offer great deals and choices. And there are plenty of different stalls for you to see! The Community traders are knowledgeable about their products. It is possible to have a lesson in crystal use, how to burn incense or discover the right gemstone for your birth sign. If there is a desire to buy a magical spell, you’ll find it on one of the tables.

Need an inspirational book? Well, you can buy and meet the author. Nothing is better than reading through the pages and thinking, ‘I know the writer and understand the message better.’

This time around, there is an opportunity to purchase a bottle of wine or a delicious specialist cake, and of course, the free trade chocolate is perfect for the sweet tooth.

Remember, an essential aspect of face-to-face retail is the knowledge that can be gained from the people who own the stalls. Coming to a Well Being Show is a holistic experience, which is also within the retailers’ DNA. Do not forget that every one of them has more than a passing interest in well-being and alternative health. And all of their products and produce are focussed on the essence of the event.

We also believe in choice, and therefore you will discover a broad spectrum of stalls and some offering similar products: this is not to write you’ll see the same products on stands, far from it! The sentiment here is finding an excellent choice and variation in the retail experience’s nature.

So for a great esoteric retail experience, you enjoy the Lincolnshire Well Being Show – A real Mind Body and Soul Experiece.ce.

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