If you were at the event yesterday you will know for certain. It was an amazing day. In certainly the very best show yet. The numbers were incredible and the feedback is nothing short of five-star brilliance.

Queues right from the beginning of the day. And the Visitors just kept on coming through. Talk rooms were absolutely jam packed and everyone reported brisk trade. Holistic healers and readers all had a super day. The stage area worked for everyone, drums, gongs, singing bowls and Isa Moon and Claudine West wooed the audiences. Don and Carol demonstrated Tai Chi interest in their work is growing. Philip’s Yoga Studio was over subscribed and unfortunately, some people were disappointed.

So the day is over and we have Sunday to go: if it even comes close to today, the weekend will be seen as 150% success. No doubting the Community has made many friends today. Well done to each and every one of you for your incredible efforts.

See You Later

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