We are often asked if it is possible to stand for one day at a weekend event. It is possible the exhibitor has other commitments during a weekend but still wishes to keep in touch with regular customers or clients. Of course. this is a can be a difficult issue, however, we are more than happy to accommodate exhibitors and Community Members who only have one day available using a specific weekend. So, if you would like to stand for one day only during an event the problem is solved.

Of course, this policy can work for the Well Being Brand, because we invest in superb and large venues. We also have meet and greet tables which are suitable for the one day exhibitor. Another way to promote one’s work is to use the promotional literature table where flyers and leaflets can be distributed in absence. More recently, Visitors will have seen ‘unaccompanied’ tables, where a Community Member has placed leaflets and promotional material on a small and low priced table. These have proven to be successful promotional conduits.

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One Day? Ok!

Talk Only?

We also accommodate exhibitors who which to ‘talk only.’ This means they attend the show for the sole purpose of presenting a talk. For example, an exhibitor may wish to sell a book or specific service but do not have the time to stand for the whole weekend. Can this situation be accounted for? The answer is of course, yes. However, it is not possible to offer the facility without charge.

Sometimes, we are emailed by a ‘well known’ writer who suggests their presence may attract Visitors and therefore we should pay for their attendance. Our reply is simple, there is insufficient return in this instance. Indeed, we are seeing a great number of self published writers who are prepared to pay to promote their work! Of course, if the books or services are of good interest the sales on the day could cover expenses.

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Talk Only? Be Our Guest?

Just Ask

So, if there is a need to stand for one day or present a talk without taking a table, we have solutions to the questions. Use the email button below and send in your requests:

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