Hello Everyone,

What a fantastic week we have enjoyed. Busy at the LizianShop and with show bookings. The coming weekend’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show is clearly superb. I think we will have over one hundred Community Members attending. Combined with the 60+ talks and presentations, this show is a winner.

A quick word about last weekend’s Majestic Well Being Show organised by Creativity Connected. I know Sarah was delighted with the turnout and the visitor’s enthusiasm for the event. Barrie and Sarah enjoyed a full house for their evening demonstration, and feedback for the evening of mediumship was excellent. Well done, Barrie and Sarah.

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Gary Londen’s Comment:

“The venue was very good, the exhibitor’s stands well presented and varied. The availability of a licensed bar and food was very welcome, as were Sarah’s refreshments for stand holders and free car parking. This pub is very popular. Word will travel about this event. I am confident that future events will establish it on the calendar. Having an evening event, too, was a shrewd move.” Gary.

Thank you for your kind words of support, Gary.

Lincolnshire Well Being Show:

As everyone can see, the interest in this coming weekend’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show is unprecedented. I have enquiries every day about the show and particularly how to stand at the event. At the present time, we have 96 attending exhibitors, and I’m hoping to confirm another seven this week.

I do not think anyone can touch the talk schedule. Sixty talks over the weekend, and all are free to attend, plus Philip Burgess’s whole weekend of Yoga in the Yoga Studio are surly super attractions. This is the beauty of The Epic Centre; there is no facility like it when it comes to talk and meeting rooms.

Unlimited parking and connection to the main roads and motorways complete the show. I’m looking forward to setting up the event next week, and you’ll see a different layout from previous shows. You know we like change and the new layout will be different!

So, that’s it for today. Thanks for being here and for your great support. See you next weekend.

Liz Clark
LIzianEvents Ltd

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