One would only have to ask a Community Member if this weekend’s event was a success. And the answer would be Yes! Fantastic. There is little to add. I could write a thousand words about full talk rooms, and traders overwhelmed with sales and therapists non-stop.

Feedback from Visitors is 101%, and the only consistent complaint was the drumming workshop was too short. You have spoken we have listened. The workshops will be extended for 2023.

We have finished the year at an all-time high! This show was the cumulation of two years post lockdown rebuilding. I have no doubt we have set the pace for 2023 and from the looks of bookings for 2023 we will have eight jam-packed event for next year.

To my mind, we have now set in stone the Well Being Brand. If it does not say LizianEvents on the tin, it is not a Well Being Show. The main point is that the 101 stands at this event have made a unique identity. The people involved in the 60 talks have formed a bond with Visitors, old and new. Distinct and epoxy strong friendships are part of the shows and there is every possibility that this will continue to build over the next few years.

It now remains for me to thank the people involved in this momentous event. All of you are bright diamonds in a sky of hope and inspiration. You have left amazing memories in the hearts of the 1000+ people who came over the weekend. Well done you are very special indeed.

The Role of Honour:

Amy Elizabeth, Author The Positivity Pack

Anahata Centre Lincoln

Angi’s Accessories

Apothecary Witch’s Gifts, The

Art to Inspire 

Barrie John Medium

The Body and Mind Place

Ali Jessop Energy Healer

Brigitte Rix, Author of series of channelled books 

Buckso Dhillon Vibrant Sage

Ciara Ann Psychic Medium

Campbell Wallace, Author Second Chance

Chakra Healing with Paul

Chocolate Girl – sweet treats

Claire Guichard, Author ‘Winds of Change’

Clear and Bright Coaching 

Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall

CrowMoon Drums

Crystal Carols

Crystal Cave Online Ltd

Dance of Life

Darren Stanton Author Project Jam Jar

Darren Stanton TV Psychologist


doTerra oils

Earth Gem Gifts

Earth Star Medicine

Earth Tree Healing Music & Art

Elemental Balance

Energy Raisers UK

Ethically Gifted 

Evie’s Clothing

Feel Better Fast 

Feet First Reflexology

Fenix Flames 

Gill Moore Spiritual Healing

Gillibobs Crystal Comforters 

Guidance and Clarity 

Hedera Herbal Medicine and Holistic Therapies

Hands R4 Healing

Heather Wood – Guide, Medium, Therapist

Helenergy Healing

The Hemp Man

Homemade Sweetness

Innerlight Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

Self Help CDs Peter Wall

Iza Moon

Jane Osborne Author ‘Exploring Past Lives’

Jane Osborne Past Life Regression

Jayne Denham Mind Body & Soul

Kirstie Lilith

Karmaequine Reiki Therapy

The Life Improvement Coach

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Magikal Echoes


Messages From The Soul

Mystic Christine

Native American Traditions 

Naturally Smart

OilFaction Aromatherapy

Old Pain 2 Go Ltd

Orgone Shungite

Pamper for You

Psychic Janie 

Richard’s Sound Bath Therapy

Rick Paul Spiritual Medium & Psychic

Sanctuary Reflexology

Sarah May – medium, psychic & reiki master

Secrets of Awen

Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium

Spookylicious Wax Melts

Stephanie J King


The Pyramid Lady

Tranquil Awakenings

Tropic with Heather

The Urban Monk

Violet Ray Holistic Therapies

Wendy Jackson Homeopath

The Wine College

Woodland Trust

See You Soon 🙂

Ian and Liz

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