Gary Creswell is The Life Improvement Coach. And what a story he has to tell! He was not only a member of the armed forces for many years: he joined both the Army and Air Force. After leaving the forces, he embarked on a brilliant career in life coaching.

Taking the best path by attaining acknowledged qualifications and improving his life journey along the way, he is more than able to help clients who have lost direction. The combination of military training and desiring a clearly defined career path has made its mark. If you have the chance to watch his presentations and talks, you’ll be left with no doubt of his abilities.

Gary is a popular member of the Well Being Community, earning great respect from fellow Community Members. When attending a Well Being Event, spend some time with Gary. He’ll more than impress.

About Gary:

Before starting his career as The Life Improvement Coach – Gary had started his professional career as a Soldier in the British Army. He also served as an Airman in the Royal Air Force. After a combined service of 12 years, he transitioned to become a Cyber Security Engineer. 

Throughout his time, he always got the most enjoyment when he was able to help others, and he wanted to explore this possibility further. 

After discovering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and realising that this could change the lives of people he came into contact with (as it had already improved his own), he set out to change the lives of many with everything he had learnt.

But the learning didn’t stop there. He continued to raise his coaching standards and discovered the three principles of mind, thoughts and consciousness, which became the understanding used to model his sessions.

The techniques learnt also helped him overcome his dark time with depression, which enabled him to understand the importance of empowering someone so they could have their toolkit to deal with their issues. Cont…

Gary Creswell: LizianEvents Ltd
Gary Creswell

Understanding that learning is never complete – you will often find him researching topics about transformation coaching, the power of the mind, and other forms of personal development. 
These services are also aimed towards Veterans and those still serving who may be battling with more than what was on the battlefield.

He has completed multiple courses in this area and takes pride in finding ways to improve his service to change the lives of others.

He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and two children, camping, keeping fit and a little time gaming.

Watch this insightful video recorded in November 2022:

Gary’s Website Here

There is a blog section on this website which Gary runs. These blog posts contain tips for mindfulness and any events that may be happening. If the event has happened, there may be a review so remember to frequently check back to see if there have been any updates to the website.

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