Thank You Community

Staffordshire Show Ground: LizianEvents Ltd
Staffordshire Showground

Thank You to everyone who made The Staffordshire Well Being Show such a memorable event. Every Visitor expressed thanks and gratitude to all of the attending Community.

The Role of Honour

The Apothecary’s Garden
Audrey Badham Reader
Arabian Mystic
Bridge to Calm
Brigitte Rix Author
Buckso Dhillon
Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall
Crystal Cave Online
Crystal Dragon Energies
Earth Tree Art & Music
Elemental Balance
Ethically Gifted
Eve Carey
Fenix Flames
Harmony of Soul
Hemp Man
Highland Oak Shop
Holistic Balance Reflexology
Holistic Tiger
Homeware and Gifts
Inner Light Hypnotherapy
KMA Massage Treatment
Life Improvement Coach
Marie Griffiths
Matrix Drops computer scan
Messages from the Soul
Native American Traditions
OilFaction Aromatherapy
Pamper for You
The Pyramid Lady
Richard’s Sound Therapy
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sally Jane Scott Nutrition
Sanctuary Reflexology
Sarah May
Self Help CDs
Shiatsu Stafford
Thrive Therapeutic Services
Tropic With Heather
Venezia Fashion
Violet Ray Holistic Therapies
Wendy Jackson Homeopath
White Aura Alchemy
Wine College
Woodland Trust
York Aura Post – aura imaging

Liz and I also wish to thank you for your dedication and continuing faith in The Well Being Brand.


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