We enjoyed a fabulous day at Saturday’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Half an hour before the doors opened, there were long queues of Visitors awaiting entry. It was evident that the show’s first day would be a storming success. And there is every reason to believe the second day will follow the trend.

I know we are entering difficult times, and both Community and Visitors are becoming aware of trading prospects or the viability of travelling to events. However, constant marketing and faith in events will reap long-term rewards.

There IS one certainty, the Well Being Brand now has a true identity, and any who attempts to compare the uniqueness to any other genre is way off the mark. Those who have stood with us today should accept the customer base follows our brand. And it is now for us to continue to expand the awareness in Stafford and Newcastle.

Liz insisted she recorded a short video describing her feelings about today. I will sign off with the video, knowing that The Day Went Well.


Liz Clark Talks About Lincoln

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