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Natalie Hegarty
Natalie Hegarty

Natalie Hegarty writes about herself and her work. The saying is ‘A picture tells a thousand stories’ There is no doubting Natalie’s picture is a testament to these words. The concept of Future Life Progression is dynamic and can really add positive dimensions to the way we see our future. Make sure you take some time to talk to Natalie during your visit to the Lincoln Well-Being Show

I see myself as an ordinary Mum of 4 great kids, who has experience in overcoming many of the problems we in today’s society face or have faced. I have an incredible determination to cut through all the blocks in the way along my journey so far.

The things that have happened to you do not define you. Or how you can live the rest of your life.

I set up Happytivity in 2014, the activity of happiness. The journey from somewhere you don’t want to be, to somewhere you do. I was already an accomplished Tarot card reader and Reiki Master teacher but knew there was more I could do to bring hope to my client’s lives.

I studied Future Life Progression with Anne Jirsch. Being on that course brought me the much searched for hope I was looking for. I identified with a much happier, more fulfilled me, who was bombing around in her car here there and everywhere, doing work I loved and no longer in a marriage that was controlling and stifling.

This lead me to begin doing Mind Body Spirit events around the country, giving talks and guided meditations to audiences who saw themselves in future lives, experiencing amazing situations and events.

My ultimate aim is to facilitate healing on all levels and all lifetimes. 2016 was a particularly challenging year for me as it brought the end of the aforementioned marriage,  being homeless and the death of both my parents within 3 months of each other. Lots of other things happened, but that was about as ‘rock bottom’ as you could get in a short period of time.

I set the intention that 2017 had to be my best year yet. I have learned skills that have helped me to overcome the huge difficulties I faced, and now I work from a therapy room in Lincoln, based in a gym at Different Class Studios. The whole concept of mind and body coming together to bring about change.

I use many of the skills I’ve learned on my clients and myself and people often remark on my resilience and positivity. This lead to Happytivity adding Bouncing Back to Brilliance as a program to help people in all situations.

I offer Future Life Progression, showing you how to connect with your best possible future and bring about better opportunities and situations for yourself.

Emotional Freedom Technique. OldPain2go (taught by Steven Blake) Access Consciousness, Reiki, Tarot, and more.

At Mind Body Spirit events I offer Future Life Progression as a way of taking you from where are now to a future 5 or 10 years ahead. This technique helped me immensely last year. I was able to see that despite us being homeless, we would soon be living somewhere lovely and feel settled. I saw the house we currently live in and was able to describe it perfectly, and I also identified the village as having a ‘s’ in the middle of its name and is off the A15. It’s where we live now. So having used this I know it works and brings hope. And we all need some hope for the future. Not only for us but the rest of the world too.


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