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Today we post the whole of an email received from Jenny Butler. After a conversation at the Lizian Store in Nottingham Jenny said she would send some words: and the message is very special indeed.

Hi Liz

I enjoyed our chat this morning and thought about what you said.  Instead of writing about me and what I do, this came up.  Not sure whether or not you will find it useful but thought I should send it anyway.

The world appears to be fast becoming a scary place to live.  If we are at all aware of media and news, it is pretty difficult not to be concerned about the many issues that may adversely affect us.  It would be easy to give way to that feeling of panic that lies just beneath the surface of our emotions.  This is enhanced, in part, by the feeling of helplessness, not being in control of events, or at least in some way being able to influence them.

But actually, if we are able to turn our thoughts around, to maintain that centred stillness and peace, and radiate it outwards, we DO have influence.  It is so important to maintain that calm because we create what we give our attention or energy to.

Rather than being AFFECTED by negative or misaligned energy, AFFECT it!

Be the change! Refuse to accept the doom and gloom and contribute to a positive present and future.

Turning your thoughts around will benefit you on all levels.  Fear and anxiety bring about chemical changes in the body which affect our health and wellbeing in a less than beneficial way.

So constantly reprogram yourself with positive thoughts.  Send love to our amazing planet. Give gratitude for everything in your life, from the very breath that gives you life, to family and friends. The list is endless!!

Stop feeling helpless.  The choice is yours. Anxiety? Or peace, calm and benefitting the planet and yourself in a positive way.

Love to you all

Jenny Butler

(I am a therapist working with subtle energies in various modalities including sound, crystals and the use of acupoints.)

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