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way out of the woods
way out of the woods

How does LizianEvents Define its Administrative Responsibilities?

LizianEvents are organisers of our community. This sentence is a sophisticated statement we need to clarify the various aspects of it’s meaning.

Our community is the event, and it is the actions of the community which dictate the success or failure of each show. In effect, the community takes possession of each show when the doors open. Any member of the community who does not accept this potentially damages his own, and the ‘whole’ of the community’s reputation.

We are symbiotic: Symbiotic = A mutually beneficial relationship between different people within a culture or group. The root of the word comes from Greek linguistics and means ‘living together’. The symbiotic relationship within our community is paramount to our success. What is our part in the symbiotic relationship of each event?

We listen to our visitors and community. We do not rush into making choices or decisions which will have an irreversible long-term impact. There is scope for trial and error. Of course, when we test ideas there will be mistakes made. I should point out that there is no such thing as errors. We are in constant evolution if one idea fails it will be discarded. We embellish success; our evolution is one of natural selection.

Every change is made with the understanding not every member of the community will like the changes. This is accepted and never ignored; our choices are not prejudiced, they are for the benefit of all concerned. For Example, there can be little doubt ‘Celebrity Exhibitors’ can attempt to dictate the format of the show. This is a situation which will not happen within LizianEvents community. Why not? Because our decisions are leader/ethos driven, not manager/profit directives.

We listen carefully and make little comment. We reflect carefully on the information and talk extensively about a consensus in the knowledge that there will be those who will fail to see the bigger picture.  We take full responsibility for each choice made. Reflect with care about the last statement. We listen, consider the inference of the comments and then work through the possible permutations. As organisers, we have to lead. Therefore there is no consultation with the community. Leaders see and understand the ethos and purpose of their work. Managers take steps to understand the running of their business. LizianEvents work diligently to protect the ethos; this is our primary function.

The management of any event is simple. We do not have to consider the property, maintenance, or services. The administration’s primary concern is balancing the books and working through the logistics of each event. Although this is time-consuming and requires careful record keeping, it is not rocket science. It does take an immense percentage of the time and profit of the yearly income

Here is our reasoning: When we assume responsibility for policy, there is no one else within the community who has to take responsibility for the shift. If a second or third party becomes spokesperson or has an opinion differing from our policy that is expected. Although they must accept there is no way we will adjust our change. We are the focal point of rule or policy. With no one else in the community involved in the process, we are solely responsible for the outcome. Therefore there is no point in attempting to change a ‘fait accompli.’ The community progresses with the objective of success and has no need to waste energy and time on issues which cannot be changed. This helps all members of the community to understand no other member of the community has influenced our choices.

Our Events are complex and require careful understanding. Our community is not vast, in truth it is unique. LizianEvents ethos is one of giving and sharing, and our genre is adult not childish. It is fair to comment one has to have a high degree of intellect to work through our ideas and beliefs. Indeed the misconceptions and misinterpretation of our practices have become a source of ignorant ridicule.

During the Lincoln Show, and in the days which followed we encountered one particular area of concern. We also had a potentially dangerous situation which needed close attention. Both are linked, and we have made a choice to add clause 19 (link) to our Exhibitor Information page.

A visitor who had recently undergone major surgery complained a child had come close to knocking her down. When she attempted to address the situation with the child, she was insulted. When she complained about the danger, we listened to the explanation and spoke to independent witnesses to the incident. We talked to the visitor informing her; we would not deal with the situation on the day. Furthermore, we would make a careful assessment of the effect upon our community. The reader should be in no doubt we considered all aspects before making the ultimate decision.

We, therefore decided to add clause 19 to the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions:

19) Children are not permitted to accompany exhibitors during a show. We cannot risk children endangering themselves or visitors. Our insurance will not cover third party claims. We follow the consensus of the majority of our community who have expressed their feeling, that an exhibition/event is not a safe place for exhibitors children. The children cannot be accompanied at all times and looking after a child distracts from the purpose of exhibiting. 

There is no way we or any member of our community can chastise an exhibitor’s child. Parents are resentful of complaints about their children’s behaviour. It is important to consider these factors and the connotations implied in this paragraph. Therefore the clause was entered onto the Exhibitor Information Page. There can be no exceptions to this rule; this is not the way of our ethos. Every one of us is equal. Indeed our grandchildren are also covered by clause 19.

There will be concerns for visitors who attend the shows with their children. There is no problem with this as their children will be under their supervision and we see no difficulties with this situation. We consider the community and our visitors. Remember our visitors’ experience is paramount to our success. There is no way we can discipline another parent’s child; it is not our intention to enter into the many aspects of the potential problems. Therefore clause 19 must be acknowledged as beneficial to our visitors and the majority the community.

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