Brigitte Rix – Video Interview

The subject of today’s Video Insight is Brigitte Rix. She works tirelessly helping people to understand and overcome their fear of the final sleep. Her Channelled books are exceptional, well written and contain insightful messages from those in the After-life. It is suggested the reader follow the sequence of publication and read each title carefully, before moving on to the next.

My suggestion would be to read a chapter each day, making notes about the information which resonates with your feelings. It is suggested Annie Webster’s methodology of ‘taking possession’ of each book as it is read is used. Annie encourages readers to highlight and underline sentences and paragraphs which resonate with the reader.

The anecdotes in Brigitte’s Channelled books are fascinating and explain many of the reasons people feel uncomfortable with talking about the subject. Far from being a realm of darkness which holds the threat of retribution and punishment. The spirits experience is one of beauty and further enlightenment. Brigitte connects to members of her family – Grandmother – Mother – Father and her Husband, they describe the ‘energy’ which is the basis of all which surrounds us. We all can learn from the insights of the connections. I can only conclude Brigitte’s work is unique. No doubt her words can be of immense comfort to those who have concerns for loved ones who have ended their life journey.

The Video Insight is exceptional because the viewer will connect with Brigitte as she talks about her work. You will discover she has spiritual values of the highest order. There is no ‘ego’ or need to enforce her ideas upon the reader. Brigitte’s work stands alone in its content and ethics. She is worth seeking out and talking to her about her experiences. Anyone who has a fear of the final sleep. Or wishes to understand what happens when we pass over into divine rest, will find solace in conversations with Brigitte or reading her excellent books.

Brigitte can be contacted from her Website Link Here


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