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Numbers – Statues – Ideas – Limitations

We have a fixed number of stands at each event. Seventy – five is the maximum number allocated to each show. This figure could easily be exceeded, for the foreseeable future, there is no intention to do so. Yes, there will be individuals who take one, two or even three extras tables. For the moment the figure of sixty – five named stands stays. The ‘give anybody a chance’ attitude has many inherent problems. We watched a supreme organisation dissolve due to an excessive events schedule, repetitive talk programmes and witch doctor exhibitors. Our community will not be jeopardised by following the same ill-thought-out path.

Sixty – five stands and four talks are sufficient for one individual to enjoy a full day at an event. When the quality of the exhibitor is of the highest standard, our visitors will be captivated. There will, of course, be those who are resistant to this suggestion. My reply to the ‘doubter’ is: – When sixty – five people work together for mutual success a community spirit will help them to fulfil the objective. The open-minded majority will consider the aspects which will benefit their future success. I have already noted the incredible effort many members of the community are putting into their stands and presentation. There is a real determination for success in ‘our’ event, you can feel it in the atmosphere, this was the most consistent comment from visitors at Lincoln. And already many of our community are asking me: – ‘How can I contribute to ‘our’ WordPress site’ – My answer is: ‘By sending me your ideas and I will help you with the essay or article. We can video a profile at the events or you can attend a video recording conference in Nottingham (the conference is the subject of another post.)

Allow me to expand your thinking with an anecdote: – I have a friend who is a brilliant artist who at one time could not sell a brushstroke. He changed his subject from abstract to modern landscapes and now enjoys an excellent living as an artist. This suggests the key is not to convert people to your way of thinking; this is hard work, the best way to attract people to your work, is to think how you can adapt your knowledge or wisdom to people’s needs. Some will grasp this observation others will not.

We set the price of the stands at an affordable level. The level is our level, not an alignment with a ‘perceived’ market price. The calculation is simple – the cost of venue and overheads are combined, a profit margin is added to the equation, and the average cost per table is calculated. The cost is then adjusted by genre to enable us to come to the relative figures. There is, of course, the unknown value of takings on the door. No matter what this is, it is it goes to our future venue’s to settle their accounts. This leaves little room for speculation about our finances, however, be clear, we will never operate at a loss. The reality is there is little to no chance of any event not making a profit.

We feel it is important for our community to know how we work with the profits made from our events. Let us remove the ideas of giving to charity or good causes. We seek ways to improve the smooth running of the events. To this end: – Technology and training are high on the list, as these are the instruments of promotion and essential to long-term success. The importance of being in total control of the information website and enhancing the speed and style of this WordPress site is a daily endeavour. Making better and more informative video’s is an expensive proposition. In 2018 we will utilise Vimeo’s Professional Platform which will extend our reach and capabilities to the highest of standards. Every penny invested here will reap the rewards for all of our community.

What changes would we make if the attendance became saturated? The answer is we do not know; there is a long way to go before this milestone. Let us cross this bridge when it occurs. There is one certainty, we will not be taking on any more venues. For the time being the plan is to continue to hone the events and reinvest in the community promotions. Particular attention is being focussed on video and audio production. There is already three interviews complete, and more will be released over the next week (3rd – 8th June.)

Let us consider three changes which caused some concern to ‘exhibitors.’ The concept of no crossover of products or services was at first resisted; it is now embellished. The idea of single-source music was at first resisted; it is now embellished. The concept of no incense or smudge sticks was at first resisted; it is now embellished. And one recent example of an additional clause to our ground rules received a significant number of positive feedback emails. The ‘no children accompanying exhibitor clause 19’ has overwhelmed us with the support from our private ‘exhibitor email bulletin’ list. This change demonstrates we will listen to our visitor’s comments and act to make the required changes if needed.

A visitor may like some insight into LizianEvents influence upon the communities trading practice. Here is a list of answers to based on questions I remembered being asked by visitors at other events. Other ‘exhibitors’ may recognise the relevance to this observation. The answers are only relevant to LizianEvents. (no specific order.)

There is no control over the prices the community charges.
Everyone pays the same fee’s relevant to their service.
We do not mediate in disputes.
All of our community is considered as equal.
Our reputation is valued above all else.
We operate a ‘first come first served’ booking form.
Ethos and Integrity are placed above profit.

Final comments:

a. LizianEvents is ‘Committed to the community’ this means our work is dedicated to the success of the community. When working in unison, the community is and has a powerful influence. LizianEvents give the community every advantage to succeed. The dedication to this end is relentless and without compromise. A reminder to the community: – I cannot overemphasise the importance of reviewing and updating your ‘exhibitor profiles’ and presenting essays about your work. Every article ‘WordPressed’ is a building block of success.

b.  We encourage visitors to send in essays or comments, poems, even video files! Visitors can ask the community questions; there is sure to be an answer within the community. In fact, this paragraph may be an indication of the next facet of our platform.

c. There will be cynics who dispute our intention. Time will prove them incorrect, in fact, we can already evidence our commitment to the ethos. We have organised small 30 stall shows for over four years. The reality is, we are doubling the size of the events. Many of you will already have experience of our abilities and fulfilment of our commitments. I believe we have the makings of something special, unique and influential.

d. There is a specific reason for writing this (4 part) essay – It will become a fixed proclamation of intent. It is a reference for all who work within the community to say ‘You wrote that you would…’

e. Those who know me personally would accept I am a tenacious researcher. I cannot find anything of a similar design or intention to LizianEvents. Remember the name represents our ethos and values.

f. Nine weeks ago an exhibitor commented ‘I do not see how another organiser can make any difference.’  I would suggest members of our growing community may have another opinion.


  1. I write to say what a joy it is to become better acquainted with Lizian Events both by attending shows, and by reading your blogs.

    My relationship with the MBS Community, hitherto, has been an ambivalent one. I believe, and am a supporter, but my start position is always of scepticism.

    What sets Lizian Events apart is your ability to reconcile two positions which some in the Community find irreconcilable. Firstly, a sound profitable MBS events business is a good business. Secondly, it is possible to offer events of integrity, value, and substance – and be profitable.

    MBS has a reputation for being a little ethereal, intangible and abstract. That is no reason for why the mechanics of presenting and promoting it should be so too.
    I have been to MBS shows which resembled second hand clothes jumble sales, and where stallholders were duplicated in goods and services many times. They are a dismal visitor experience.

    Your focus on archived, prepared, video/mp3 talks is also wise. Good speakers are rare. A passion for your subject is no guarantee of an engaging talk. I also dread those speakers who believe that the longer they go on- the better it will become. An excellent ten minutes is always memorable, so is an excruciating forty- five minutes,but for very different reasons.

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