Foundation – Part Four

The Lighthouse Guides Us All
The Lighthouse Guides Us All

Evolution is the Gateway to Freedom.

Let us face it: The so-called 2012 change of awareness was a wet weekend in Skegness. (apologies to Skegness.) The great epoch failed to materialise; people became disillusioned with the Mayan Calendar Doomsday fairytale. Some lost their way for a moment, no matter, this is the way of evolution. Unfortunately, many gave up the spiritual journey and left an enormous vacuum behind them. We should consider very carefully indeed, what caused the decline in the interest of our various quests? Part of the answer lays firmly with those who chose to talk without listening to their words. Immense promises were made, and many people were let down. And those who were let down felt ridiculed for believing in nonsense. Some of us who protested were seen as being part of something we saw as seriously flawed. We became damaged by the illusion.

We live in a challenging world where the majority take a respite from nightly television viewing, over indulgence and self-neglect. This escape is fine for many people, allow yourself to accept all of us have different ways of coping with the life journey. The serious materialist doubts anything other than figures and Big Bang Theory. Although we could suggest a counterpoint: ’Is an interest in the Tarot, Spiritual Concepts, afterlife, vegan or vegetarian food, religion, spiritual healing any more mystifying than 22000 people watching 22 men kicking a leather ball?’

It is fine to attempt to live a life of light and right. However, it is important not to lose sight of the realities of our existence. Never have I been more convinced that by reassessing our knowledge and working out how to utilise it in the modern world, will we benefit our life. It seems a possible alternative is to favour, culturing inner strength, fortitude, the desire of personal freedom and Well-Being. And we have the people, intelligence and knowledge to do this. Listen to Philip Underwood, Steven Blake. John Harris, John Richardson, Brigette Rix, Annie Webster, Jill Moore, Phil Bowler, Teresa Sequeira, David Albans, these are just ten of the seventy people involved within our community who have various and powerful messages to give.

Many people have an immense contribution to make to our community. And even if they cannot be with us at every event, they can choose to contribute to the community. There must be no doubting LizianEvents total commitment to promoting the community. There should be no doubting LizianEvents commitment to making hundred’s of people aware of our community.  The connection is here; you are using it as you read this essay.

Our spiritual ideas could have beneficial implications for every human. Although they will not work for those, who have no interest. And no amount of cohesion will enforce a man to follow a spiritual path of well-being. No person will associate himself with ideas to which he cannot relate. This is why we have to be open-minded, ask yourself the question: ‘How can I make my work understood?’ And think about your message, ask your friends about their opinion of your message, write your message encourage strangers to become friends. This We(bLog) will ensure your message can be read, watched or listened to. This We(bLog)e will help you to succeed in fulfilling your objective.

Through your efforts, you will eventually attract many people to our community, and you will you prosper within your inner-being because we achieved this goal together. The mountaineer climbs the mountain and then what? To stay at the top, she needs tens of people to keep her at the summit. She better be sure all see her view. Down here, in the reality of the event, there is an acceptance we need each other to succeed. I am aware our events will be ridiculed by those who cannot change their methodology. There will always be doubt within any new project; this is a typical human trait; there will always be those who prefer the safety established ways. We should accept this, Eliza Hodge comments ‘You can never progress unless you take all that is the truth.’  We will be judged by our endeavours. Liz and I can envisage no other way to the future than the ethos which is named LizianEvents.

There is, of course, the most important question ‘Why are you doing this?’ You deserve an answer because it should be evident the motivation is far from financial. Perhaps we should consider the fact we humans can find pleasure in seeing the success of others. Is it possible to see the success of a whole community is enough? Is the motivation this simple?

LizianEvents is a name and whatever happens at the communities events enriches or poisons the name. Our work is to protect the ethics and reputation of the name. The community possesses the event, and in time the community will realise this to be the reality. We will always be custodians of the name, and we will never allow the name to come into disrepute. Therefore all financial obligations will be honoured and respected. Of course, we will pay ourselves a fair wage. However, all profits will be reinvested into the future. And the re-investment is the secret for the time being!

We cannot lose a penny piece in this venture there is no risk for us. Although we could lose the second most valuable of all possessions: The life hours we invest in the project.

The reason we do this?

We have watched people work a whole weekend for nothing. We have seen people begin their journey with a rising sun heart and finish with a thunderstorm of tears. We have listened to too many ‘Maybe next time’s.’ We have seen short term success and incredible potential ruined by closed minded attitude. I spoke to a man some weeks ago; he makes the most brilliant works of art. At the exhibition, he said ‘Ian, I’m about to lose every penny I have on this exhibition, what should I do?’ My answer was ‘Sell everything at cost, and do yourself a favour. Listen to what people want, not what you think they want.’  And in this mans’ plight is part of the answer, there is need to use our creativity to make a new design.

Do you now know why we do this?

Because we can do so and we feel this project will become a prosperous community which is not the ‘best’ ‘biggest’ or most successful’ – It will be recognised as a gathering together of like-minded people who can demonstrate unity in a disjointed world. You will possess it – LizianEvents administer the formalities.

What better reason could there be?


  1. Another searing assessment of where we are today, Ian, thank you.

    “The voice of the people is the voice of God” is attributed to Alcuin in a letter to King Charlemagne in the 9th Century. “The customer is not always right, but what they think is always right” is mid 1950’s wisdom from Dale Carnegie. The message is still the same. If we are interacting with others by way of trying to persuade people, or sell something to others, what they think is more important than what we think. For if we do not know what they think, how can we hope to succeed?

    We should have principles. We should stand by them. Yet our principles should be determined by information available to us at the time. Making a sound principled stand is wise. Sticking to a principle in the face of new overwhelming evidence to the contrary is not admirable, it is foolish.
    MBS exhibitors, overwhelmingly, are passionate about their subject. But are they as passionate about the understanding the public’s response to their exhibit?

    Let me offer you a personal example. I run a blog which includes my poetry which I am proud of. Typically I receive around a hundred hits a day. I would like to think that it is the power of my poetry which draws them. However I have checked the wordpress stats. It has been my pieces on 1970’s music which have drawn the biggest site visitors.

    I always chat to stallholders. An alarming number offer what they like, and what they like to sell. Rarely am I asked what I like best on their exhibit, or what I would be prepared to pay for an item I had passed over. I look behind their stalls to sometimes see boxes of stock the cost of which will dwarf anything they make that day. Most can name their best sellers, far fewer can name their most profitable lines either by volume or mark up.

    Personally, stallholders enthusiasm is usually palpable. However some are determined to tell you all they know about crystals/ tarot cards/Indian head massage ( choose, add and delete to suit) without drawing breath irrespective of whether you wanted to know and how much time you have. The successful stall holder asks questions. They tell you what they don’t know, not what they do know. They credit others. By so doing, they draw you in.

    I take issue with your final paragraph. I think it IS legitimate for you to aim to be the best. By aiming to be the best in what you do success will inevitably follow, so being the most successful is a legitimate aim too. “The biggest” can never be an objective in itself. The biggest success, or failure? The biggest that it can be, without compromising what makes it the best is probably a better aim. Your blog oozes the sense that you will succeed.

    Good luck.

    • Gary
      The kindest of words – Your observations should be read as insightful lessons to all within our community. I find it gratifying that you see the purpose of our endeavors. I could write a paragraph or two in reply to your insightful comments. After reading through a fraction of your incredible catalogue of work there are only three words needed. They contain all I desire to write – Thank You, Garry.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole lot in one go, with comments.

    As a regular visitor to these events I would also like to add that you offer a safe and open-minded forum to express alternative thoughts and explore different therapies. And of course, I wish Lizian Events every success 💕💎😺😺x

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