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Creative Work Starts Now
Creative Work Starts Now

Fulfilling objectives is easier when there is no comparison to other people. Those who most often succeed, have no interest in comparison. They understand the temptation to steal the ideas of others results in becoming on the same level. The one sin of theft is never allowed to stain their being. Truth, integrity, honesty are just three of many words within their vocabulary.

The problem with taking other people’s ideas, everyone sees the truth. Obvious plagiarism is a real and present danger to reaching objectives. Remember we do not make success, people make us successful. When an individual makes a change, comparisons are inevitable. In business customers WILL look at similar internet sites. When themes, ideas, innovation are seen to be lifted from another individual, bang! The thief has a hole in the head. Those who know us judge who we are. To make three people happy is fine, upset one and a distorted story travels like a bush fire.

The innovator stays on his toes, knowing movement change and evolution is essential to the future life. Character, personality, family, friends, home, work, all become an active part of their existence. Always search for fresh ways of viewing the environment, keep on moving. The clear-minded person is continually sharpening the way he is perceived; this is a difficult task an honest human will relish.

Remember the secret of progress: The smaller and more efficient the steps the greater the probability of reaching maturity. Each day, a ‘master’ works toward creating a beautiful thought, idea, an object of art, conversation, or friendship. This dedication ensures the next step becomes easier to achieve.

Each moment of life we set own level. The objective should always be in the forefront, within mind, sight, knowledge or understanding. Remember it is in the future where success awaits. Many make the mistake of referencing outdated successes. Previous success is boring. As is recalling failure, failure or overcoming adversity is a sign mistake were made in the first instance. Who cares if the business was set up on a shoestring? Holy expletive, we all begin on a shoestring.

Commerce is the same, find a product, a place of sale, a customer. In between the product and the client is a salesperson. On the internet, the in-between is the sales platform. The words on the sales platform are ‘approved’ by the owner. The customer knows this; the visitor knows this, do not attempt to fool them. They know the reality and see everything, know everything, watch and listen to everything about the product. They make their choice; the product has to fulfil the promise.

The summit is the completion of an objective. The climb is where we are at any one time. Most often the climber is too close to the mountain to see the summit. The great mountaineer is fit and healthy, continually practising, to become a master of the technique. Other climbers can climb the high peak. Each one follows their route; the objective is the reward, not fame or recognition.

Could an individual paraphrase the previous paragraphs and use them to personal advantage? Why would they want to do this?

Because the seven paragraphs you have read are the methods of: –

Steven Jobs
Bill Gates
Mother Teresa
Robert Oppenheimer
Johnny Depp
Julia Roberts
George Clooney
Ram Dass
Richard Bach

How many more? The list is endless.

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