Important Announcement – An Event Too Far

Sometimes We Need A Lions Heart
Sometimes We Need A Lions Heart

Cheltenham Event

LizianEvents have an ethos which is central to our purpose. We place integrity above profit; the word integrity flows through every choice and decision we make.

To understand a word and to focus on a word and its meaning results in a clearer way of thought. Our interpretation of integrity is:-

1 The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles: we are an institution of complete integrity.
2 The state of being whole and undivided: we uphold the integrity of purpose and values.
3 The condition of being unified or sound in construction: there is a structural integrity to the purpose of our community.
4 Internal consistency or lack of corruption. We must listen to our conscience.

The Cheltenham venue is superb and ticks every requirement needed to provide an excellent event experience. During the last nine weeks, the community interest in the show is healthy and encouraging. Booking forms sent out and deposits received. So far, so good.

We have an extensive array of internet analytic tools in use. Google Analytic is primary to our statical assessment, and we utilise two other authoritative information ‘grabbers’. The relevant information is ‘bounce’ ‘unsubscribe’ ‘city’ – from these three facets of internet analysis we work out interest in the email-outs and WordPress statistics. Our Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire statistics are growing in size and momentum. The Gloucestershire, Avon and Wiltshire statistics are, to say the least ‘poor.’ I recently spent a day in the area talking to people in targeted shops to get a feel for the enthusiasm regarding a well-being show. The response was good. However, the reality is we are too far from Cheltenham to make it work.

The fact is, we do not feel we can encourage enough visitors to the show to make it a success for our community. No doubt we could fill the venue with readers, retail, therapists and information stands. The event would be extremely profitable for LizianEvents, not so for our community. No profit would compensate for the resulting damage to reputation if we went ahead with this event. There are a few in the community who would be happy to ‘take a chance’ with the event. In all conscience, we could not make this choice. Reputation must reign above profit at all times.

There is no feeling of defeat or failure arising from making this decision. We do not wish to use an event as a ‘Money Cow’ to do so would leave our ethos in ruins. Exhibitor emails will have already gone out to our community – All deposits will be returned on Tuesday 11th July. All reference to the event is removed from our media platforms.

We will leave this post on our WordPress site for two days and then it stays within the archive. There is nothing further to add to this choice. We thank all those involved in the event and the many exhibitors who have booked and shown their trust in LizianEvents.

Many Thanks

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