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To media@lizianevents.com:
“Ian can I have a video profile recorded at our Newark Event and how much will it cost?”
“Yes, no problem with recording your video. There is no cost.”

The MP3’s found on the posts are free to download. There will never be any charge for media produced by LizianEvents. The videos can be shared and embedded on your website or downloaded on your media device. We will not charge for MP3 or Community Promotional Material. There is no charge for the production of videos made for members of our community. Our intention is to step up the quality and quantity of media production over the coming months.

If you hover and click on the picture below you can see the way we can use the community videos.

Not A Merry-Go-Round
Not A Merry-Go-Round

The intention is for each member of the community to have their video attached to their exhibitor listing. The member of the community can have their video ‘re-recorded’ when needed. In fact, it was anticipated that the first videos would be ‘re-recorded.’ In fairness, the initial members did not know what to expect, and I’m sure they may like to make comments which were missed in the first videos.


I am pleased to write John Harris is the first member of the community to be ‘fully’ listed! Here he is on LizianEvents news:- (click the Nottingham link at the top of this page)

Here he is on the LizianEvents Webpage:
click on the image to see the page


The members of the community will gain from this style of promotion. The visitors will benefit from being able to actually see and listen to the member’s information. The more videos we record, the better our promotion. For those of you with a ‘technical mind,’ we will be recording in 4k in 2018, and there will be some real ‘magic’ going into the production. Great times ahead for all of us, we are looking forward to making this LizianEvents.org site a haven of information for our visitors. And there are still many more avenues to utilise.

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