Let’s Choose to Make the Day Great

Look Closely
Look Closely

Choices determine the quality of life.
We make a choice to be happy.
We have the option to make life difficult.

The happiness I experience during my everyday life is formed by choice – not a plan or design.

There is no unique or extraordinary process to my happy life – If someone were to ask me how I have achieved inner peace and well-being – I would answer in this way: Ten years ago I started to ask my sleeping mind to sift through the problems and issues which affected my well-being. Every night before I sleep I spin an instruction in my mind. “Sleeping mind, sift through the situations which need help, resolve and find solutions I can use tomorrow.”

Within a year of asking the question, the way of my dreams changed. The nightly film shows seem to reflect my present situations. It is interesting how the process works:  I deal with rare and occasional problems swiftly and always with calm. I am certain my dreams sift through the problems and issues which affect my well-being. When I wake up a phrase enters my mind – which I call my ‘first-moment phrases’ – This happens every morning without fail – It seems my subconscious mind triggers a focal point for the day ahead. My notebooks and journals are full of references to dreams and solutions to issues found within the dreams.

At the moment: ‘Let’s make the day great’ seems to be popular morning message from my subconscious mind. There are other phrases for examples:- ‘stay silent’ – ‘listen to your words’ – ‘no need for answers today.’ Sometimes single words are clear reminders of where my attention should be focussed. Patience – Thoughts – Clarity are words which work well in many aspects of life.

When the sub-conscious mind asks me to ‘Make the day great’ this is what will happen. We can choose to be happy, or we can choose to make life difficult. How situations are perceived impacts on the way, we make choices. The daily journey into the city helps me to ‘Make the day great.’ How so? Here is the way I ‘make the commute great.’

While driving, I’ll watch fools in their status symbol who have to make an impression. They have to be in front, the car ahead at any cost. The self-centered moron believes they own the road, their cut up capers agitate all in their path. By the time we arrive at Canning Circus, it is likely the aggressor is in the rear view mirror, as the traffic flow often changes the position of the vehicles on a journey. The selfish driver is a life lesson 1) Why would I need to be within their type of mindset? 2) They demonstrate how not to be and how not to be is an easy choice. How not to be is easy (do not do it).

Those who read my WordPress posts know of my favorite method of travel. I adore to ride on the Orange 36 route; the journey is bound to make my day great. Passengers vary from good to filthy, and most are either phone tappers or book readers. Many isolate the journey with audio piped into their minds via earbuds. I wonder what wonders they listen too?

My choice is a podcast; any genre will suffice – Goodness, the quality of the presenters is astounding. They are my peers, in depth and breadth, their creative intelligence leaves mine in the dark ages. Factual information about cities, art, monkeys, lost tourist attractions and fiction from love to murder. The eloquence of their words captivate, I’m like a trout hooked on a Black Ghost fly. Another way to ‘make my day great.’

If I drive into the city, there are useful lessons to learn from selfish road fools. When I’m chauffeured into the city, I watch the passengers and listen to the words of unknown genii. The stories and observations open my mind and ‘make my day great.’

Allow me to review my lessons:

1) Whenever I see an angry or selfish action, I am reminded how not to be and how not to be is easy (do not do it). When I watch or listen to a fool, there is no agitation or anger within my being – I thank the fool for the lessons arising from his ignorance.
2) When I listen to someone who is prepared to give without reward. I am reminded how to find recognition and success. People who are genuinely generous seem to enjoy a higher quality of life. It seems their purpose and reason is within the pursuit of objectives.

It makes no difference to me how a man acts out his life: Whatever I learn is indeed a life lesson, and I always thank the teachers for making my life great.

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