Nottingham WellBeing Event – Exhibitor Review – Two

With just six days to go – It is time to be introduced to some of our community who will participate in the Nottingham – Trowell event. You can click the link at the top of this page to see the full list of the exhibitor community and the talks and workshops.

This WellBeing Event is easy to find. From Nottingham – Yellow Number Two Ilkeston – Trent Barton 21 and MyBus 15 all stop outside the Trowell Festival Hall. From J26 M1 it is a fifteen-minute drive. Ample parking at the venue and side roads. Do not forget this event has free entry tickets. We provide excellent although basic refreshments at affordable prices.

Nottingham Trowell Map
Nottingham Trowell Map

Gill Moore

The changes we make during the journey sometimes leads to other opportunities. For myself, a chance encounter changed my outlook on many levels. When my husband retired, we achieved our ambition to live on the East Coast. I’ve always enjoyed exploring the towns I visit, not only the well-known attractions, but the out of the way places always seem to need investigation. One morning I’d decided to wander the side street’s of Skegness, and I came upon a tiny shop.

I felt drawn to its uniqueness, and once inside, I had entered another world. Most of us have known the feeling when there is an instant liking for a person, situation, place or even an object. In this small shop, I felt a something special, a genuine feeling of happiness and well-being. After some minutes the realisation was sensitive to the energies of crystals.

The conversation with the owner of the shop also had a similar effect, within minutes the feeling was I’d known her for many years. Eventually, she became my mentor, introducing me to ‘Starlight’ in Skegness. It was here I learned about Spiritual Healing and Mediumship. Over the many years, I enjoyed practising ‘Mediumship.’ However, my destiny lay with ‘Spiritual healing.’ Traditional Spiritual Healing is the laying on (or off!) of hands; linking the self-healing ability of the body to the power of God, our ultimate “Healer.”

Healers attune to both the patient and healing energies. The purpose is to benefit one’s health by balancing and harmonising mind, body and spirit. During a healing session you could feel a gentle warmth, the cooling and soothing of symptoms, light tingling sensations or nothing at all! One thing is likely after the session there will be a deep peace and calm enveloping you. Traditional healing still has a place in this modern world.

Again we consider how one ‘way’ takes us further. Some time ago I began making teething anklets for young children. Amber is long recognised are beneficial for this painful process of growth. My creations have proven to be popular. Another of my products is a knitted toy which contains crystals; they help older children who are shy, timid or withdrawn. Along the same lines, I produce comfort blankets which safely contain crystals. Again amber is predominant in the choice because of its soothing properties. I welcome spending time with your to discuss your individual needs during the Lincoln Well-Being Show.

My testimonials are a most humbling facet of my work. To my mind, watching a person benefit from the power of spirit is evidence of the existence of unlimited love. It is an honour to have helped hundreds of people over the years. And of course, the many ways I have gained from those who have helped me is wondrous. The love which surrounds us is pure healing energy, all we need to do is harness the healing within its beauty.

Blessings To All

Gill Moore

Campbell Wallace

Campbell Wallace
Campbell Wallace

Anyone who meets and then enters into a conversation with Campbell Wallace is certain to benefit in some way. Campbell’s sparkling whit, cheeky smile and open-mindedness shine through. Once we get past his bright personality, we enter into a realm of empathy and kindness which captivates any who talk to him. Do not consider this exaggeration, all who know Campbell recognise his stellar personality. To say he is well loved and admired is an understatement.

A man’s metal is his ability to listen to his friends and fellow humans. A man who can then reflect upon a conversation and offer a few words of hope and inspiration is rare in this ‘no time’ world. Campbell understands the reality and purpose of life; he knows we have to live life to its best. The hundreds of people who love him, know about his illness, his bravery and determination. He overwhelmed a life-threatening disease, underwent transplant surgery and took his life back. His friends know, he lives life and loves every second of his ‘Second Chance.’

He is a Scot, and his roots are evident in his story. From a robust and disciplined upbringing Campbell became a rally driver, garage owner and finally settled down to a fantastic life working with Carol in their successful crystal business. He never stops to reflect or look back ‘I’ve too much to do, so much to see and enjoy’ sums up his attitude to life.

Campbell’s story is recorded in a treasure trove of memories and wise words. His book ‘Second Chance’ is an extraordinary account of facing death, major surgery and recovery. The book should be used as a guide to approaching the long-term implications of life-threatening illness. For examples: the man who is frightened of minor surgery or procedure will sail through the day surgery without a moment’s concern. Wondering what to say to someone who is ill and how you can help them. Why the implications of one’s financial situation should be considered. Dealing with anxiety, and dissolving fear and how to talk about one’s illness with friends and family. It is an insightful, honest and compelling read. If you have a friend who is unwell, consider the book ‘Second Chance’ as a gift of caring and compassion.

Mr Campbell Wallace’s gratitude for his gift of life cannot be quelled. He thanks his donor and the donor’s family every day of his life. His silent words of thanks become the first thoughts and meditation each day of his life. The importance of understanding the donor system and why it is important to consider entering the NHS Organ Donor Registry is Campbell’s mission. He is recognised as an NHS Organ Donor Ambassador. His handsome portrait has been seen on full sized billboards and digital displays across Manchester.

When visiting an event where Campbell has a stand, take a few minutes to talk to him about his book and the NHS Organ Donor Registry. It is entirely probable your perspective on life will change one more step upward.

Hi, I’m Rick Paul.

Rick Paul
Rick Paul

I’m a down to earth man who has been given a gift by Spirit to enable me to work with people’s energies. I have always been fascinated by the work of psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. My Spiritual journey began when I saw my grandad in spirit form. This was the first time I realised I had a gift for clairvoyance. Seeing the image of my grandad who had died some years previous left me slightly unnerved, to say the least. This also posed a lot of questions for me.

This led me to want to develop and be able to give off my messages and hopefully give comfort to people who had had people that they loved passed away, my first tentative steps on the pathway began.

As my development continued I began to realise that I don’t work like everybody else, allow me to explain:-

My feeling is we are born with a toolbox of capabilities; which makes it possible to live the life we choose, and then life happens, and at times we lose our way. I believe every human has a psychic ability and many of the answers we seek come from within. When deciding to attune our conscious mind to our psychic ability, we become happier and more secure.

Because I work with your current energies, I do not make future predictions. I open myself to Spirit and channel your loved ones message/s and hopefully their guidance helps you to achieve your potential. Being able to piece puzzles together is a most rewarding part of my work.

One of my favourite methods of connecting to spirit is ‘psychometry’. This involves working with personal items which have absorbed your energy, for examples: keys, watches and jewellery. Usually, I pick up energy from the items, the energy is interpreted and the reading is given. When linking with Spirit, I never know who I might connect with although, I ask for and receive positive messages. We know that if we put out positive intent – positive energies are received. Tarot and Angel cards are used within a reading, they serve as tools of communication, as you shuffle the deck the cards align with the message. My work is to interpret the alignment of the cards, your loved ones to communicate through the cards.

My primary focus is on mediumship, I have a burning desire to help people, and guide clients to be able to move forward. To this end, I know when Spirit is asked answers are received, as a Medium my work is to listen to the message and pass it on. This is one of the kindest parts of my work, and it is very rewarding on spiritual and emotional levels.

When a client sits with me, she or he is asked to put out positive intent. It is my experience spirit will decide what you the client need to hear and if the client feels comfortable and positive, the Spirit is more inclined to communicate. Spirits are drawn to positivity and the connection benefits immensely when we harness positive thoughts. Remember, I work with your current energy, the issues and situations which formed your past influences your present, your ‘current’ energy is created from the situations of the past. The messages which come to me in words, pictures, energy, smells and song lyrics, have deep spiritual meaning, and my ability to decipher the information is very much part of my work.

I am sensitive to the energies which surround us. Remember, I am an empath and spirit will give me symptoms of illness they endured during life, this is sometimes given to demonstrate they are now free of their discomfort. The information also helps my client to recognise who is giving the message. I believe the client and reader should work alongside spirit and the client benefits greatly. It is important to remember the ‘message’ is the reason we are unified. The message is a key, to opening the door to future happiness.

It is an honour and privilege to work with and on behalf of spirit. The joy I feel when my client smiles and gives thanks for our connection, has no limits, I work within the energy of truth and love, there can be no greater force than those two words.

Rick Paul

Nottingham Well Being Show – Talk Schedule 

Saturday 29 July 2017

11.15am  Julie Elizabeth
Introduction to the Tarot – Julie will talk about the fascinating subject of the Tarot. Julie guides the attendees on how to approach learning the seventy-eight cards. She will discuss the basic three card spread and the method of short readings. Sure to be an interesting hour of learning.

12.30pm  John M Harris – Soul Wisdom Psychic Consultant
‘Soul Awareness’
John explains the mysteries of how one can use what is known as the Akashic Records to find out who we are at a soul level and explores what we can do with that information. An interesting, informative and interactive talk.

2.00pm Sharon Dewick – Nature’s Workshop
Art and Angels
Sharon presents an interactive talk where participants will explore how messages from angels appear and how to interpret them.  Sharon will also demonstrate how she uses Angelic influence within her art.  Audience participation is always part of Sharon’s talks.

3.00pm Emma Gowshall – Healing Pets
‘Alternative Therapies for pets & demonstration of animal communication.’
A brief introduction on how to use alternative therapies with your pets, covering crystals, sound therapies, flower remedies and essential oils.  Also a short demonstration of animal communication.

4.00pm Carol Wallace – Crystal Carol
‘How to get the best from your crystals’
In this talk, Carol looks at the dos and don’ts of crystals, how to get the best from your crystals and debunking the myths and misconceptions of how to work with crystals.  Including how to look after and use the crystals you have. An excellent opportunity to have your questions answered by someone with years of knowledge and experience.

Sunday 30 July 2017

11.30am  Rick Paul – Spiritual Medium
Rick gives a fascinating talk about his work as a spiritual medium.  This presentation seems like a conversation, and there is total interaction with his audience.  We ask, do you get messages?  Yes – sometimes.

1.00pm  Campbell Wallace – Author
‘Second Chance’
Real life stories take us on a journey of awareness.  Campbell discusses his journey to a Second Chance, from the beginnings of illness through chronic sickness and literally facing death.  This presentation covers his journey to his Second Chance, and he also discusses why people who have been given a second chance and throw it away by not following the guidance of their carers.  Signed copies of Campbell’s book are available after the talk.

2.30pm Di Wall – Cartomancy Reader & Spiritual Counsellor
‘Ghosts, Ghouls, and things that go bump in the night.’
Di shares her personal experiences with ‘visitors from another side’ which began at an early age and reflects how these happenings changed the course of her life in later years.

3.30pm Peter Wall – Clinical Hypnotherapist
‘Hypnosis as a second career.’
Peter is well loved in the sphere of hypnosis.  For 20 years he has been at the top of full-time clinical hypnosis.  With the proliferation of hypnosis courses, Peter talks to the audience about the advantages of considering hypnosis as a profession, after initially making it a second career.  You cannot lose with Peter’s course as the beneficial life lessons learned during the course can literally turn your life around.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

In addition to the talk program, there will be a workshop on Sunday afternoon.  Taking place on the Stage Area – mind the steps – please register with Carol at her stand before attending.

Workshop with Carol Wallace ‘Crystal Carol.’

3.00pm Working with Crystals & Chakras:

Carol demonstrates a chakra layout with crystals for self-balancing and harmony – a straightforward and informative workshop on how to do your own chakra layout and how to choose which crystals to use.

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