Nottingham Well Being Event – Exhibitor Review – Three

With just five days to go – It is time to be introduced to some of our community who will participate in the Nottingham – Trowell event. You can click the link at the top of this page to see the full list of the exhibitor community and the talks and workshops.

This WellBeing Event is easy to find. From Nottingham – Yellow Number Two Ilkeston – Trent Barton 21 and MyBus 15 all stop outside the Trowell Festival Hall. From J26 M1 it is a fifteen-minute drive. Ample parking at the venue and side roads. Do not forget this event has free entry tickets. We provide excellent although basic refreshments at affordable prices.

Nottingham Trowell Map
Nottingham Trowell Map

Elaine Chadbourne

Writing about oneself is difficult. We know about our life, family, friends and the good and the bad. To attempt to put all which is relevant to this essay into words would take a whole book. So, I have decided to keep my introduction short and relevant.

When I talk to people who become involved in alternative healing, very often they speak of a period when they were having problems. And they decide to look for alternative or complementary ways of making themselves well again. This is certainly the situation I found myself in during 1993. To say the least, those twelve months remain in my memory for two reasons. One was illness, and the other was the way I learned to heal myself.

We should not think about self-healing lightly. I know for certain we can make a significant contribution to the three aspects of wealth which are: – Physical – Emotional – Spiritual – If we decide to heal ourselves, it should be on all three levels. During 1993 the three came together, and my journey began. The feeling of well-being and the district improvement in my health became evidence of the potentials of Spiritual Healing.

So effective was the changes in my life and health I had to find out how Spiritual Healing works. In the latter part of 1993, I went to Whitwell in Nottinghamshire and began to work with healing. As we start to experience the ways this form of curative practice, we also explore other therapies. Reflexology was chosen to complement my recovery, again the effects of treatment were noticeable. No doubt about it, the distinct improvement in my well-being was not imagination; I felt great, my life had turned around. After six year’s of practising as a Reflexologist, I decided to gain formal qualifications in Spiritual Healing techniques.

I achieved my First Degree Reiki Attainment in 2000 and became Reiki Master in 2002. At the same time, I studied and obtained my qualification as Reflexologist. During 2003 I also studied and qualified in Indian Head Massage. Allow me to explain my three main therapies:-

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Since originating in Japan, Reiki has been adapted into diverse cultural traditions across the world. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient to encourage emotional or physical healing. Reiki is a superb healing energy which makes you feel your batteries have been recharged.

Reflexology, is an alternative therapy involving the application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques usually without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work affects a physical change to the body. With Reflexology, we work on your feet. During the treatment will feel as if you are floating. The therapy rids the body of toxins which cause many problems.

Indian head massage focuses on treating the patient through conducting massage techniques on the head and the areas surrounding it such as the face, neck, upper arms and shoulders. The practitioner uses gentle massage strokes to stimulate the nerves, loosen up tight muscles, relax superficial tissues, and remove stress both emotionally and physically. Indian Head Massage provides extraordinary relief from, neck tension, headaches or shoulder problems.

Because of these experiences and the help Reiki and Reflexology have given me. I wanted to give something back to my World. And so, I opened The Sutton Healing Centre, which specialises in Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. The treatments are funded solely by donation, and you are welcome to visit for your treatments. Come and talk to me at the show, to arrange appointments or maybe for your Reiki Attunements.

Elaine Chadbourne

Visitors can experience a super treatment with Elaine at the show. Enjoy your therapy.

Peter Wall – Innerlight Hypnosis

Peter Wall
Peter Wall

If I could turn the clock back to the Late 1970’s and hear someone say ‘Peter one day, you will become a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist’ I would have laughed my socks off!  That is exactly where I am today.  I have now been a qualified Hypnotherapist for over 15 years and the reason for this happening? Well, it was like this.

I had been made redundant after several years working as the Bar Manager at Bretton College near Wakefield in 1999 and decided to go into what had been initially a hobby up to this point, working and being creative with stained glass.  It was while I was attending a Craft fair a gentleman approached me and asked if I could make a Pyramid in Glass for his wife to cleanse and energise her crystals.   I will admit this request bemused me, but never wanting to turn down a challenge I agreed.  After much research on the dimensions and history surrounding the pyramids – in particular, the pyramids at Giza in Egypt the pyramid was duly prepared and low and behold I had lost the gentleman’s details!

A colleague who I had met at the Craft fairs told me about an event being held in Ilkley and thought it might be worth my while to take my pyramids along to this event.  So off I went. This turned out to be my first Mind Body and Spirit exhibition and where I became known as ‘Pyramids by Pierre’.

While at this at this particular l event I met Brian Glenn of the Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis and as they say the rest is history.

I will admit Hypnosis (albeit mostly Stage Hypnosis) had always fascinated me.

But this was taking Hypnosis to a more professional clinical basis, and this intrigued me even more.  After a chat with Brian, I took home some of the literature about his school and how to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

By the year 2002/3 having qualified and become a member of the National Council of Psychotherapy, I started working out of a variety of alternative therapy premises in around the Barnsley Area where I am based.

Then in 2007, I had the opportunity to open my clinic in the village of Cawthorne and remained there until April 2016.

I had planned to ‘retire’ but I have come to realise there is no such thing and continue to work with clients now in their homes and have a therapy room in Doncaster. Although perhaps working on a more semi-retired basis.  While ever I can help my clients I will continue to do so.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about Hypnosis, but it is an amazing therapy to help and overcome so many things, such as fears and phobias which may come in many forms and these are invariably started in early years. But, by using Hypnotherapy, which has been around for hundreds of years, these can be overcome after just one or two sessions.

The use of Hypnotherapy to help with Public Speaking and to become more self-confident is now becoming more widespread.  Of course, there are the usual matters such as Stop Smoking and Weight Control where Hypnotherapy has become more predominately used over the past decade, in particular with the onset of the Virtual Gastric Band method for weight control for clients who are classed as morbidly obese.

I have also become well known for my work with Past Lives, and this is now one of my key areas where I use Hypnosis to enable clients to explore their past lives in a safe, secure and enjoyable way. I am also now accredited by the NCP to teach Past Life Regression to other Professionals who deal with the General Public, and these workshops are growing in popularity.

Since my very first event in Ilkley all those years ago, I have attended numerous MBS & Well Being events the length and breadth of the country and worked abroad in Germany, Jersey & Spain.

I am proud to have been one of the first exhibitors to join Liz Clark and Ian Timothy of Lizian Well-Being Events. And look forward to continuing to support them for the foreseeable future at their other events, including Lincoln, Newark and Nottingham to promote Hypnotherapy, my Past life Regression Teaching and The Peter Wall Way to Self Help Cds at these events.

Peters talk about Clinical Hypnosis as a second career is insightful and entertaining. You will find his captivating humour and obvious knowledge makes attending his talk a total pleasure.

Annie Webster – Moonlit Pathways Books

Annie Webster
Annie Webster

I interviewed Annie at the recent Lincoln WellBeing Show. During the interview, Annie talks about her early book encounters. Her business Moonlit Pathways is a thriving specialist bookshop. Annie talks about the many aspects of reading from how to choose a book to where spiritual authors may find new directions. There is an insight into where her bookshop is now and the direction she will take it over the next few years.

Q. Annie tell me about your first encounters with reading?

Annie. “My parents were not overly wealthy, and very popular, this will guide you to their character and personality. We were careful with money, although this was not uncommon in those days. No matter what the situation I was allowed to buy a book each week from the book club. Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, 101 Dalmatians, Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, etc. were the first authors.”

Q. What genre of books did you read?

Annie. “Always fiction.”

Q. Are there significant markers in your reading evolution?
Annie. “Yes, I used to babysit for a family who had a huge bookcase. I discovered a book called Kane and Abel. It took me sixteen hours non-stop to read it, I could not put it down. I did not stay with one genre, and then I did my degree. So, for three years I read academic books and nothing else. While at University, a friend gave me the small book by Richard Bach titled Illusions, and this is my first spiritual book encounter. Another significant book is The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.”

Q. How would you guide someone to buy a book?

Annie. “I choose many books from recommendation. Although this can be hit and miss. As a bookseller, I have a responsibility to my customers to have a sound knowledge of the content of my stock. The advantage is I can talk to the client about their needs. From this information, I will get a feel for what book might suit them. There is a lot of pressure involved in recommending a book, as the reader can be disappointed. However, my specialised bookshop has many faithful and long-term customers. As the years go by, I have an excellent knowledge of the content of a book, and I get to know the types of books each customer prefers. This personal information is the strength of my business: A close knowledge of book and customer.”

Q. How do you read a book?

Annie. “I have discarded books after only a few chapters. For example, I found ‘The Book Thief” a somewhat disjointed read. Although after putting a book to one side, I will return to them at another time. (By the way, Annie loved the film) I like to dissect a book, think about the words, construction and sentiment. To get the best from a book, most people believe it needs to be well written. There are exceptions to every rule, for example, a book recommended by a respected reviewer may be worth persevering with for a few chapters.”


“Allow me to expand: My degree is in English Literature, and therefore I cannot help but have a critical eye. The Celestine Prophecy leaves much to be desired in the way it was written. The message is excellent, so the sentiment and story overwhelmed the shortcomings. How do I read a book? I take possession of it; I will write comments and notes and highlight important sentences and paragraphs – I will read Kindle books they have a place – But the paper, card and ink make a book!”

Q. What type of books do you stock?

Annie. “I take lots of care with my stock. I cannot compete with the likes of Amazon, so I have to: 1) Understand my clients and customers. 2) Have an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, the latest books and authors. 3) Actively seek feedback and reviews from readers. If I am to thrive, I must give more than a computer screen list! I have discovered most book enthusiasts do not resent paying a few extra pound to buy from me. You see, it is ok buying online if you are prepared to take a risk of not liking the book, agreed you can return it, however most do not. With titles costing upward of ten pounds, non returned books are an expensive and ignored aspect of on-line shopping. The advantages of purchasing from a specialist bookseller is the specialist has an excellent and readable stock, focusing on a specific requirement.

I have to look at the ‘bigger picture.’ If I were to limit my stock because of the opinions of a few readers, it is evident people would be deprived of some incredible titles. So in fairness, if I only stocked books for ‘a restrictive audience of customers’ I wouldn’t have a business. Therefore I have to have stock an eclectic mix of titles, authors and genre. Remember, I am a specialist retailer of ‘Cards’ – Tarot – Angel – Oracle – etc. Cards can be used traditionally, as insightful symbols of self-discovery or for meditation. I could not claim to have every book or deck available of a spiritual genre. The intention is to hold a first class inventory of excellent and rewarding titles.”

Q. If you were able to guide an author looking for new subjects. And bearing in mind the interests of both new and old readers, where would you steer them?

Annie. “Certainly not ‘self-help’! (laughs) – In my opinion, good quality spiritual fiction, which is accurate and valid answers your question. It must be quality, I have learned about religions and spiritual beliefs from spiritual fiction. On the other hand, I have become disillusioned by poorly researched and ‘for profit’ spiritual textbooks. I hope you realise the implications to my statement.  Spiritual fiction can hold more knowledge and importance, than 100 thousand words of nonsense written under a smoke-screen of ‘spiritual knowledge.’ A spiritual fiction story should be compelling and empowering. There is a calling for feminist books, and comparisons of differing religions.”

Q. What do you feel is the right direction for Moonlit Pathways Bookshop?

Annie. “I would prefer to focus on the 100 top sellers, perhaps the same number in core and established spiritual books and, as already mentioned spiritual fiction. The listener or reader may think this is a small inventory; however, it is surprising just how few books most people have on their bookshelves. Not only this, how many of the books we keep do we revisit?

– I haven’t put much thought into trading in used books, although this is something worth considering. I know there are people who wish to dispose of their libraries and books, and there are people who would purchase a pre-read book. One must realise, storing and collecting secondhand books is an expensive proposition so the whole idea requires careful consideration.

– Of course, we also known as a specialist in spiritual cards. As already mentioned the cards are development and guidance tools. One of my most reoccurring ideas is to review books and cards. And later putting together a website with reviews or even a forum. The answer is to combine quality and knowledge which can serve faithful and new readers alike.”

Q. I know you are dedicated to your family. However, not many people realise you have worked tirelessly helping individuals who are experiencing legal injustice.

Annie. “Yes, family and animals are very much part of my life. My legal work is significant to me, although I do not represent clients as much as in the past. I would possibly advise people who have limited resources, and would possibly represent those who are in real need. For the moment my advocacy is on the back burner, and I am enjoying the freedom of working with my friend at her shop, and building Moonlit Pathways BookShop.”

While at the show visit Annie’s Book Stall you’ll be sure to find excellent reading material. If your interest is in Tarot, or Angel cards, Annie has many sample decks available for you to browse.

Exhibitor List


Gill Moore ~ Spiritual Healing 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Experience spiritual healing – taster or full session – non invasive, seated therapy

John M Harris Therapies 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Soul Wisdom Psychic Consultant 
🙂 Video Profile
Link To John’s Website

Reiki ~ Yvonne Bird and Jacqueline Seddon
Reiki healing using universal energies and ear candle treatments

Sutton Healing Centre ~ Elaine Chadbourne 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Relaxing Reflexology and Reiki treatments and taster sessions.  Wood crafted staffs, walking sticks, plaques, coasters, and other natural crafted gifts.

TamparaSeated Therapies ~ Paul & Tamra 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Indian Head Massage, a traditional therapy which has been practiced in India for over 1000 years, non invasive seated accupressure massage to relax aches and pains and induce relaxation and feeling of well being.

Retail Stands:

Bead Queen ~ Rebecca Stratford
Beads beads and beads!  Pick Pop Pearl, fresh water pearls together with sterling silver cages and chains
Bead Queen FaceBook

Campbell Wallace 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Author ~ Campbell’s book ‘Second Chance’ guides the reader to his incredible life-saving transformation.

Crystal Carols – Carol Wallace 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Crystals, gemstones, rough and worked stones.  Crystal jewellery, handmade bracelets, pendants and earrings.  Carol teaches ‘Melody’ accredited crystal healing workshops and courses.

Ethically Gifted ~ Kirstie Wood 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Fairly traded, eco friendly, recycled and up cycled gifts, handicrafts & accessories: sun catchers, wall art, wind chimes, Guatemalan worry people, raffia baskets and hats, hippy bags and purses, rag rugs, prayer flags, mosaic ware, batik chakra scrolls… produced from around the world

Healing Pets ~ Emma Gowshall
Animal Communication and Animal Energy Healing – Emma runs workshops to teach communication with your pets, and how to use dowsing with your pets and animals.  A selection of pet and animal related products and gifts are available at the Healing Pets stand.

Health Wealth and Happiness ~ Sue Hickman & Christina Warr
Forever Living Products and Aloe Vera.

Innerlight Hypnotherapy ~ Peter Wall 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Promoting hypnotherapy as a career and teaching Past Life Regression to a professional standard.  Retailing Therapy CDs ‘The Peter Wall Way to….’

Sarah Parker – Zebra Handmade Jewellery
I’ve been making jewellery off and on since I was 17. I finally decided to start my business four years ago, when I began using gemstones and angel inspirations in my jewellery, I love the healing aspect of gemstones. I like to keep my jewellery affordable, and I buy all of my supplies from UK suppliers, supporting small businesses.

Lizian Crystals ~ Alex Marlow
A range of tumble stones and crystals; Japanese incense sticks  and organic henna

Mel-Jay ~ Melanie Jones 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
A magpie’s delight!  Selection of silver and gold set crystal jewellery and fine mineral specimens and crystal carvings.

Moonlit Pathway Books ~ Annie & Martin Webster
Popular books, tarot cards and oracle cards. 🙂 Exhibitor Profile

Nature’s Workshop ~ Sharon Dewick
Nature inspired spiritual artwork and gifts.

Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies ~ Beki Anderson 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Neal’s Yard Remedies offer natural, certified organic and ethical skincare, essential oils, diffusers, superfoods & supplements.

Perky Pixie ~ Julie Crompton
Pagan inspired hand crafted gifts

Psychic Lyndsay ~ Lyndsay Edwards
Dreamcatchers, smudge sticks, salt soap bars, worry dolls, candles, spell castings & information on Lyndsay’s website where you can purchase readings

Simply Naturals ~ Keith Bullivant
Sizzling Minerals – vitamin and mineral supplements;  gift items from India and Indonesia

Through the Looking Glass ~ Jenny Hough
A cornucopia of colourful gift ideas

Witchyoble ~ Sam Wray
Hand crafted gemstone dream catchers and gem trees.


Counselling with Cartouche ~ Di Wall 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Readings based on client’s need for clarity, incorporating counselling where required.

Julie Elizabeth ~ Reader 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
Tarot, psychometry and rune readings – undertaken with compassion.

Pam Shield ~ Reader 🙂 Exhibitor Profile
“Tarot reader, psychometry and spiritual guidance” – Pam has a reputation for giving solid personal reading. Her growing number of regular clients are an indication of the quality of her work.
Pam’s FaceBook Page

Rick Paul ~ Medium Rick 🙂 Exhibitor Profile 
Rick is a popular and well respected reader. His insightful readings have earned him a stellar reputation.

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