The subject of today’s and tomorrows insight is Simon Goodfellow, a well known, respected and loved spiritual healer and medium. Simon provides a sincere and in-depth appreciation of his work, workshops and administration there is a need to make this a two part News Article.

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LizianEvents : Simon Goodfellow

Simon, would you give the reader some insight into your work as a Professional Medium?

‘I started working as a professional Medium eighteen years ago. Over the years I have enjoyed a rewarding and fruitful career. The greatest pleasure is meeting and working with an immensely varied client base, who become long term and valued friends. There is something extraordinary about my vocation, the intimacy of spiritual work seems to transgress all cultures and beliefs. I consider my work as cathartic and healing. Nothing is better than meeting a stranger, sifting through a spiritual question, guiding the person to certain aspects of spiritual healing, and then watching them leave as a friend.

Our journey in life can be as difficult or as easy as we chose to make it. For nearly two decades, my friends have visited me at shows, private consultations and of course during platform demonstrations. The messages have given us peace, laughter and occasional tears. Nothing can be more humbling than meeting a friend who says ‘The message you gave me three years ago, turned the situation around.’

A time comes when we decide to change the way we work. Although, the choices being made at this moment, were suggested by my guides while giving messages to audiences in Spain many years ago. In truth, the messages were ignored because I questioned my ability. The way of spirit guides is to be relentless, their messages are often clear and unwavering. My message was: – ‘Simon you must teach your gift to others.’ I am not known for indecision. However, at the time I questioned the wisdom of the message, my reply was: -’How can a Spiritual Medium of only six or seven years experience, teach his gift to fledgeling students?’

The moment of certainty came while working for a client. I had chosen to use automatic writing because the answer to her question needed to be in-depth, as there would be many aspects of her message needing clarification. After asking my spirit guide for guidance; the direction was unexpected, far from helping the client, the words written took an entirely different direction: I wrote the basis of my original workshop ‘The Mechanics Of Mediumship.’ The guide used my choice of Spirit Writing as the opportunity to show me the direction I should consider. This session became the beginning of my becoming a teacher, the guides never gave up with their messages they had opened the gates, and there would be no turning back.

With continued meditation on ‘The Mechanics Of Mediumship’ workshop, the lessons and methods became clearer, and during a long and intense session I was joined by a Master Teacher – The Teacher Guide ‘Ezra.’ Like all great teachers; Ezra encouraged the ideas and methods I would use in the future to gently enter into the meditations. All had to come from my spiritual being. Ezra’s primary purpose was to guide me, keep me disciplined, the focus was on how to teach. As he guided me with his skills, he made me aware, of how to guide my students. By making me aware of the importance of a structured sequence of the lessons. And demonstrating the requirement of a having a solid foundation of knowledge as a basis of our work; I, in turn, would pass on clear guidance to my students. Ezra was firm and uncompromising, each step would be fully understood before the next could begin; this is the way of Spiritual Awareness.

This aspect is an important point worthy of being revisited:

There are times when a student may find me a little hard, pushing them to ask deeper questions or discover another way of ‘seeing’ a solution. Sometimes I make a suggestion which seems difficult or abrasive. I do this because Spirit will always ‘push’ and expects the very best from a medium. We have to learn these lessons. Over years of a mediums work, there will be messages which ‘have’ to be given, even though they are ‘uncomfortable’ the message ‘has’ to be given, there is a need for students to understand this. Therefore, I ‘push’ just a little to give the student greater confidence. I may be questioning, a ‘touch’ sarcastic or testing. I do this to test the pupil, to help them understand their ‘client’ will question their work and message. During the workshops I will freely teach two decades of experience, and remember, guides strengthen our spiritual being, and on occasion are relentless.  Our work is of the highest integrity, and when I recognise a student with a unique awareness, I will push them to explore their potentials. I feel this is why there are so many students who begin their journey with my workshops and go on to become Professional Mediums.’

What can a student expect?

‘The first consideration is as already mentioned: My students have access to nearly two decades of experience. I freely give my knowledge and meditational methods used allow the student to make the best and safest progress with their studies.

Remember, over the years I have worked with thousands of unique individuals. I have strict ethical boundaries which are not crossed, and it is imperative for me to get the best out of each pupil. Whether a student wishes to become a professional spiritual medium or desires to utilise their ability on a personal level, both can be confident of the highest standard of spiritual training. Yes, in the early stages we are expected to be relatively disciplined. However, once the aspects of spiritual safety and protection are fully understood, and when I feel we are ready to explore more complex avenues the progress is swift and enjoyable. Be clear though, even the early stages are worked through in an informative and highly pleasurable way.

People are put off by ignorant television personalities and bias articles, it is important to deal with this type of negative information at the beginning of our studies. During our lessons there is NO doom and gloom, all myths and superstition are dealt with and positively explained. A great sadness to me is many able and competent mediums fail to reach their full potential because of ‘old wives tales’ and ignorant fear. Therefore we cover every negative aspects to dispel the myths.

When we make our profession, active, progressive and upbeat, our clients benefit from our spiritual guides and connections. There can be no darkness, when we work to the highest of spiritual values our work shines light into the lives of those who are lost. To this end, I feel it is essential for my student to understand and to some degree, follow my ideals of implicit truth, high ethics and integrity. When we hold these values within the centre of our being; there is no darkness which can affect us, and while we help others to become free of the issues which cause them concern, we benefit ourselves and our spiritual Being.

The students attending my development workshops come from diverse and different backgrounds. Such is the potential of our work it is not long before, long-term friendships and professional connections are made. I teach about the connectivity of spiritual development, and it is certain when people come together with a common interest in ‘Spirit’ magic happens. The magic of peace, calm and profound spiritual resonance. The development workshops do change peoples lives. I watch my students grow on a spiritual level and in time, they begin to trust their guides and abilities to a superior level of awareness. The pleasure received from seeing my students develop their talents has no boundaries. We work together to find the keys to Spiritual Awareness, from little psychic winks to life changing insights, our guides give us everything we need, every time. All we need to know is HOW to ask them to guide us, and the guides need to be certain the prospective Medium is ready to see and hear the messages. This is the objective of my teaching.

In the Spring of 2017, I attended one of the first Mind Body and Spirit Events of the year. After setting up my stand and preparing for the weekend ahead, I looked around the venue. It is not possible to adequately express the overwhelming pleasure and happiness I felt during this realisation. Out of the ten Mediums exhibiting, five were my pupils. To comment I was proud is an understatement, it was a rare occasion when I could not speak. Imagine the feeling as I drove home on a Sunday evening, all of them had enjoyed a successful show.

If there is ever a reason to listen to our guides, it is in this lesson: –

Fifteen years ago my guides indicated I should be teaching. The persistence and kindness of the messages were relentless. A spiritual guide used an opportunity for me to use Automatic Writing to structure ‘The Mechanics of Mediumship’ – During meditations, Ezra – teacher of teachers intervened to ensure my ‘Being’ understood the magnitude of my responsibilities, and today the combined messages were proven correct, as I watch and continue to watch my students develop and prosper, nothing provides more evidence of the power of Spiritual Awareness.’

Part Two Tomorrow


  1. Brilliant. I had to smile when I read that your first event of this year was with 5 of your pupils. I sometimes see a post for an event that has exhibitors’ photos and think to myself that you’ll have a page to yourself soon of you surrounded by people that have benefited from your teachings!
    For anyone considering doing any of Simon’s workshops/courses, I have had the privilege of attending Simon’s courses and the amazing Student Fair – what an experience! I love Simon’s humour (sarcasm, lol) and all of his workshops are fun. Simon is lovely, positive and supportive and although what you are learning is serious stuff, it’s always done with laughter.
    The Student Fair gave me the confidence to get out there and start to do what makes my heart sing. We will always be learning and improving but we have to take that first step sometime and Simon gave me the confidence to do that. Thank you Simon – and Dave of course for organising and managing everything.

  2. I personally can over-emphasise the impact that Simon has made made on my spiritual development, I have over the years been my own worst enemy in regards to reaching my potential. I also did all Simons courses and the student fair and can say hand on heart what an exhilarating experience it was. I now like many of Simons students have taken the tentative steps into the professional environments. I have a genuine love of what I do and to experience that potential for myself that Simon picked up in me from day one is testament to him and his teachings. I am blessed to consider him and Dave as friends.

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