A New Epoch

This essay is an Experiment with Ideas –

It is fascinating the way we conceive issues, situations, or possessions. Only when we actually experience something do we have a full understanding of it. Maybe our Events and the Community who make it thrive, have to be experienced before the Ethos is fully understood.


Some years ago I spent some time with a classic motor car. It is considered one of the most beautiful cars produced. It is the Ferrari 246 Dino. I drove the car for many miles, and it is a delight to drive at speed. While driving a thoroughbred, you notice people watch you and the car. They wonder about the who and the what of the illusion. Of course, there is no who or what, the fact is a man is driving a rare car only 2500 examples were produced.

Before continuing, you must remember I drove the 246 for many miles, and there is a clear recollection of the motor car. Yes, it is fairly brisk to drive, although not as fast as believed. It was incredibly predictable around bends, and it would be interesting to drive one today with modern tyres. This information is all any driver would need to know about the Dino. And the price? In 2000 a decent Dino was worth ‘not too much!’

I will upset the Ferrari fan. The 264 Dino is easily out paced by a VW Golf Sports compact. It is certain; the VW Golf is a scalded cat compared to a pepperoni pizza. There is no apology for writing this; the Golf sports is a better car, apart from two factors; one, the pedigree and, secondly its rarity. Either is of no consequence to a critical thinker. We allow common sense to overwhelm nostalgia and illusion. When someone chooses to pay 350 thousand pounds for a 246 Dino today, they have to be wealthy and can do as they like with their loot. There is no reason to envy them or qualify their purchase, ninety percent of people live in houses worth less than the Ferrari, and most spend twenty-five years paying the mortgage for the property. Therefore, the reality is, the car is insignificant and not worth wasting time considering.

Red Italian
Red Italian

I am reminded of the 246 because of pictures I recorded in Nottingham over the weekend. The images are of another Red Italian and a Tyre company. If we consider the two images we could consider, we are as strong as its weakest link, and the Master is a slave to the servant. Without the humble rubber tyre, the car travels nowhere. The reader will correctly comment ‘It is a none argument, tyres will always be available.’ There is agreement, and yet the reader must concede to the truth of the observation.

Nothing Moves Without Tyres
Nothing Moves Without Tyres

There are many parts to any equation. The most complex is the equation of Social Beehives. The vast percentage in the hive comply to the rules, and a few do not, these are the weakest link. It matters not if they are the top or bottom of the hierarchy, it seems they are the ones who prefer to call the tune to be played. The majority conform to the future of the hive, and the minorities, take whatever is an easy picking. The majority is becoming tired of the minority; we are entering a new Epoch. One of less compassion and the taking of responsibility.

The hard truth is, those who take responsibility for their lives are becoming intolerant of those who do not. The majority is the Firestone Tyre, without us, the car goes nowhere. The Ferrari is not what it seems, the People’s majority Golf is as competent, leaner and is more adaptable than the minority illusion. The interpretation of the word Spiritual is shifting from supposition to integrity. Once there were fundamental beliefs which could not be questioned, now everything is questioned. Those who choose to be part of a thriving community, work for themselves and the Well Being of our Community.

Many of us choose to be part of a thriving community, and we work for the Well Being of our Community. The unattainable (to most) Ferrari is like a Spiritual illusion, millions of people believe the image which cannot be owned – The attainable Golf is as good and an achievable reality.

For some time I have considered the potential of a focussed personal environment. An idea which dictates, only becoming active with and for those who affect one’s life. In my work environment, there is a great fortune, Liz and I work to promote around seventy people and their success. We benefit from the communities prosperity, and we do not see our future in any other way. It is interesting more people are showing a keen interest in our endeavours. It is fair to comment a significant percentage of our community now see the potential of a unified effort to success. It is evident visitors are also being guided by our Events, through the transparency of the Ethos.

Not all will understand our Hive of Activity

Each day we receive interest from new exhibitors. And it is inevitable because of our ‘First come first stand’ policy; many will have to be added to the waiting list. We have to choose those added to the Community with care, as it is our desire to keep a balance within the Exhibiting Community. Until we have our magic 500 + visitors to each event, there is not the slightest chance of changing the stand numbers.

I can use one ‘exhibitor application’ as an example of how we deal with some issues. A potential exhibitor wanted to know about attendance figures and how we could guarantee the numbers through the door. The applicant showed a keen interest in our performance and our ability to organise the events. She specifically wanted to know attendance numbers and how we promote the events. This type of question will receive the same answer; it is one which sometimes fails to be understood. The ‘exhibitor’ has the Red Car syndrome; the voyeur has already formed an opinion of how they perceive the image. The reality is; you have to drive it to know the experience.

Liz invited the potential ‘exhibitor’ to contact any of member of our Community to receive an unbiased opinion. There is often a disappointment when Liz informs potential ‘exhibitors’ that the Community takes responsibility and contributes to promotion. There is difficulty in understanding this concept; so Liz sometimes expands with this sobering fact: ‘Before the Lincoln Well Being Event I posted 700 pounds worth of mail-outs. During the Event, we stamped the tickets of sixteen of the mailed out cards. The number of presented cards equates to forty – pounds per visitor. The majority of visitors came because of our social media interaction and the awareness of our Community Members.’

Most cannot own the Ferrari; we can own the reliable and attainable Golf. We may choose not be the minority; we can choose to be within the majority who take responsibility for our Environment. It is fair to say our Community cannot carry those who desire to take the honey and not gather the pollen. Dino or Golf? I’ll take the VW every time.

Let us consider some recent figures to discover how our Community are working to make our hive thrive: –

2700 Vimeo Views
1240 LizianEvents News views each week
1000’s of FaceBook Likes and Shares
From May to Today: – 121 LizianEvents News Posts
864 LizianEvents FaceBook Followers
2776 FaceBook post reach this week

That’s the work of the Community – As you continue to share and like our social media exposure you will taste the honey of your efforts.

See You Soon

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