Emma Gowshall – Animal Communicator and Medium

Today Exhibitor Profile is our unique and highly approachable Emma Gowshall

I’ve adored animals all my life; my earliest memories are of hot summers surrounded by animals large and small. People often ask ‘When did you start talking to animals?’ The answer is I can’t remember a time when I did not talk to and share conversations with the pets and animals in my world.

Animals to me are just like people; they have feelings, likes, dislikes and characteristics. Animal communication gives us an incredible opportunity to visit their world and help them. It’s especially valuable when an animal is struggling or ill. I also see colours surrounding animals which help’s me recognise areas of concern and then I can work with the caregiver regarding care and treatment.

Four years ago, my life was turned around by the most unlikely of animals. My friend contacted me with an urgent request for help, her friend had lost their pet rat and was frantically looking for her after four days hope had been lost. Jill, my friend, got in touch and asked for my help. As soon as I started chatting to Chesley (rat) I found out she was well and safe, she explained her surroundings to me, the colours, shapes and sounds around her and that she was in a garage.
Jill jumped in the car and went to her friends to help with the search, armed with Chelsey’s directions. Jill took her iPad and was in constant touch with me, she took me to Chelsey’s garage but no Chelsey. We decided to use skype, and as I chatted to Chelsey, Jill held the iPad high up over a fence into the next doors garden, ‘yes’ I said, she’s in there, the image was exactly like the one Chelsey had shown me. Chelsey told me she was safe with the dog in the next garage and that they were happily eating dog food together. Jill rang the neighbours, and they promptly returned and let Jill into the garage, there sat Chelsey and her new dog friend eating dog biscuits. I was delighted that Chelsey has given me the tools and conversations to get her home to her family. The most amazing part for me Is that I live in North Nottinghamshire and Chelsey and her family live in Arizona, America. The internet and animal communication are working together for a fantastic ending.

My aim now is to help animals, and their carers share animal communication together. We now have a Holistic Animal Therapy Centre in Nottinghamshire. I run workshops, development groups and talks dedicated to wonderful and amazing animals, showing how animal communication is possible for everyone and is something I learned, practised and developed using different techniques. We now run courses and treatments for animals using crystals, essential oils, Animal Reiki and other alternative therapies. This year several of my students travelled from overseas to attend my courses, and I have now helped animals all over the world communicate with their caregivers.

My life is truly blessed, and I feel inspired to share my love of animal communication to a wider audience. There is nothing in the world to me like helping an animal in need be understood and heard. I am truly grateful to be a part of this intriguing world



  1. What an interesting insight. I’ve met Emma at the Trowell events and, as Liz has said, Emma is always approachable and smiling. She is a lovely, gentle and supportive lady with a very unusual gift. Just one of her many talents.

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