Today we have an introduction to a new member of our community. It is a pleasure to read about Carole’s thoughts and obvious dedication to formal qualifications. It is always rewarding when we can talk about a subject from a clear intellectual perspective. Carole will join the community at the Lincoln Show in November, and there is no doubt she will make a major contribution to our community.

Carole has always had a spiritual outlook and from an early age has been able to sense the energies of those around her.  At her parent’s insistence, she attended church on a weekly basis where she became fascinated by stories of healing.

Over the years her interest in all things Mind, Body, Spirit, has grown and she mainly wanted to gain a greater understanding of how thoughts, emotions and beliefs impact a person’s overall health and general well-being. To this end, she has studied a wide array of literature on alternative/ complementary therapies such as Hands on Healing (Reiki / Quantum Touch / The Re-connection etc. ); Colour therapy; Crystal therapy; Sound & Vibrational healing; the therapeutic use of Herbs and essential oils; EFT and Energy Medicine.

In 2003, Carole decided to learn about Reiki, as a tool for self-development and for helping others. After taking levels 1 & 2, she was subsequently attuned to Reiki Master Level in 2006. In 2003 she was also drawn to read Barbara Brennan’s book – ‘Hands of Light,’ and discovered a method of using the pendulum to help determine the flow of energy of a person’s chakras and for finding answers to questions.

From 2004-2008 she studied Herbal Medicine at Lincoln University. Through the herbal traditions of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Carole gained a greater understanding of the flow of energy within the body via the Chakras and the Meridians. It was through TCM that she became aware of the link that emotions had on certain organs.  Carole was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Herbal Medicine in 2008.

Since 2008 she has added to her knowledge base by studying the theories and works of leaders in their field, such as Candace Pert; David Hawkins; Lynne McTaggart; Caroline Myss and Donna Eden to name just a few.  Putting together a range of techniques based on disciplines studied over a 15 year period, Carole has developed her own chakra-based workbook entitled ‘Positive Resonance’, which she uses as a tool/method for helping others.

She starts by testing the energy flow of a person’s chakras to gauge which aspects of a person’s life are currently out of balance. Using her hands, she makes a series of movements to direct the flow of energy around each of the chakras to re-balance them. This is followed a period of consultation with the client to establish the reason for the imbalance; how and when it originated and what steps may be taken, if necessary, to address the situation and bring about healing.  Carole also offers Reiki healing.

Practising disciplines such as Yoga and meditation on a daily basis helps Carole to focus and still her mind as well as helping to maintain energy flow. For her, this is a necessary and important aspect of any form of healing work. Tapping into her love of crafting, colour and art (especially watercolour because of its vibrancy, flow and luminosity) she has created her own range of artwork, depicting Chakra symbols and Mandalas, for use as meditation aids. These can be found for sale on her stand if you would like to take a look at them.

Carole is planning to run a variety of courses – based on healing and energy work – from her home in the village of Branston (5 miles from the city of Lincoln) shortly.

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