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The Compass Guides Us
The Compass Guides Us

Today, we have two major announcements which will affect all of our LizianEvents Community. I would ask you to read this LizianEvents News with care.

Before continuing, we will look at the history of the Mind Body and Spirit Scene. The Mind Body and Spirit Events evolved from the early 1960’s Spiritualist Church movement. The ‘old school’ hierarchy desired to hold onto outmoded ideas. At the time the publics thirst for mediums and psychics resulted in small groups coming together to demonstrate their ‘gifts’ outside of the spiritualist churches. At the same time, the few ‘esoteric’ shops offered services to those interested in the occult. The Mind Body and Spirit Shows were the results of blending mediums and psychics with esoteric retail businesses. There is one final addition, the new age hippy’s of the late 1960’s came back from India and America with alternative spiritual beliefs, and they also added to the M.B.S fair. Like it or not, this is the beginnings of the M.B.S circuit, no one invented the idea, it evolved.

In mid-2012 when working through the plans for our events, we decided to use the two separate words ‘Well Being’ as a title. The word ‘Well’ infers both mental and physical health. The word ‘Being’ assumes a human’s ‘Essential Self.’ Our focus would be on the many ways visitors could achieve the state of Well Being after visiting our humble events. The initial idea also combines two other words: – Community and opportunity for the exhibitors; there is little doubt we have achieved an enviable identity. The identity is a Community who grasp opportunities to further the Well Being of our visitors.

During 2016 we visited two major venues which could be used for a different style of event. The idea was to create a concept which would appeal to a wider ranging visitor base. The venue was the important factor, and if the tides of opportunity had not changed the plans, we would be promoting this new event in another city. When we decided on the Newark and Lincoln Venues, the primary consideration was proximity to our home base of Nottingham. There was another factor which would impact upon this decision, and we decided to keep our plans to ourselves for another time. This time is NOW.

As regular readers know, we have a ‘Community Exhibitor’s’ maximum of around sixty-five places at each event. Limiting the stand numbers is a fundamental part of the base plan to OUR events. The reasons for this are well aired and easily recognised as a LizianEvents Footprint. Be clear; we could now achieve 90+ individual stands at the events; I admit the temptation to follow this route has been very great indeed. The fact is, once we open the floodgates, every single word I have written over the last three months will become worthless rhetoric. There is no place for another Mind Body and Spirit Event on the yearly calendar. When Liz and I conceive a plan; the objective is to succeed. Therefore we follow carefully made choices formulated years ago regarding the future goal.

This announcement comes in two parts: –

First Announcement


Monday, October the Second will see a change to this ‘LizianEvents News’ there will be an additional page. The page is a fully interactive Forum which will be open to all people with interest in our work. The Community Members will be able to post and answer questions about their work, events, talks, and workshops. If there is a question to be asked a reply will be discovered in the Forum Categories. The forum will cover many subjects, and the layout is straightforward and easy to use. Community members and visitors will be able to register and have their password. Questions can be asked, and visitors can contribute to the answers. The Forum is worldwide and therefore will become a universal reference point. In fact, the forum page could be activated today; it will lay dormant until October because it is a major factor to the second part of our announcement.

To expand further: –

The Forum is a platform for conversation. Rick Paul may decide to open a thread about his talk and work, visitors can ask questions or make comments and Rick can answer directly. Simon Goodfellow may choose to open a thread about his workshops. Carol Wallace may answer questions about Melody Workshop’s in the U.K. John Richardson could offer points of view on Hypnosis. A visitor may start a thread about Homeopathy, another about Aloe Vera, or another about N.L.P. The list is endless; and as the reader is about to discover, the Forum has a significant relevance to the second part of this LizianEvents News.

Second Announcement

Complementary and Alternative Health Conference

The two 2018 Lincoln Well Being shows will take over the whole of the Epic Centre. Those who visited earlier in the year will remember the left-hand side of the venue was segregated and the food and reception were centered to the building. During the 2018 events, the layout will be the same for our Well Being Events. The right-hand side of the venue will hold the first ‘Complementary and Alternative Health Conference’. The ‘Conference’ format is the original long term plan for LizianEvents.

Allow me to expand on the ‘Complementary and Alternative Health Conference.’ We envisage fifty-five exhibitors who will demonstrate and talk about complementary ideas to Better Health and Well Being. Everything from NLP and Hypnosis, Yoga and Homeopathy, Food supplements and physical fitness is to be included. Two talk rooms will be in constant use as promotional platforms, for talks and demonstrations. The Well Being Event will also have its talk room and schedule. We feel the two events ( Well Being and Conference ) will complement each other very well indeed.

The idea is for those who are interested in our work to enjoy a long and adventurous weekend of Well Being Information. Everyone will become part of extraordinary and unique events. Those who are interested in a semi-professional or professional vocation can talk to industry recognised training professionals. The possibilities of OUR Conference is endless, and it will build day on day, week on week, month on month, year on year. Because we will centre the ‘Conference’ on this the LizianEvents News and its FORUM. It is anticipated in the long term we will remove the LizianEvents identity and hand over the identity to OUR Community. The new name will be something like ‘The Well Being Conference.


Newark is an integral part of the plan – The kindness and interaction with both Lincoln and Newark showground’s management are both enthusiastic and professional, the integrity of all the people we work with is second to none. They are with us all of the way with plans for the future.

Newark has many opportunities, and our Community will prosper at this event. The focus will be on Well Being, and many of the potential ‘Conference’ exhibitors we have approached have a definite interest in working along side present members of the community. Newark will become an open plan blend of Well Being and Conference.

I am sure there will be many of you who already see the possibilities of the joining of OUR Well Being Event to The Complementary and Alternative Health Conference. Sixty-five Well Being Community members are combined with Fifty-five members of the Conference. One hundred and twenty separate and unique people offering an incredible array of choices to our visitors. The potential is evident. The Forum will grow in stature and importance as will this event.

Many thanks for reading this long News Letter – We are confident this evolution will give our community greater exposure, recognition and success. Those who have demonstrated faith in our endeavours will reap the benefits in their confidence in THEIR events.

See You Soon



  1. Think Liz and Ian you will go from strength to
    Strength, we always enjoy the shows.
    They are well put together x

    • Thank you, Sharon – The community will make this work – We have an incredible bonding of purpose, which is, of course, our mutual success. Many Thanks for your kind words – Ian

    • Thank You, Vivienne – Your encouragement is very welcome to all our community. I hope to see you at one of our events in the future. Always enjoyed our conversations in the BSSK days. Nice to see your art and work is going well – Ian

  2. Wow! Really looking forward to seeing this evolve into something quite amazing. Wishing you every success!

  3. Hi, Carole – Yes, we see enormous interaction with the idea. There is great enthusiasm for the blending of the two genres. No doubt there is an immense amount of thought to go into the event. Although there can be little doubt as to the enthusiasm for the concept. The community will come together and the objective will be achieved. Ian

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