Phil Bowler – Self Help Astrology

Phil Bowler – Self Help Astrology

Phil is a well-loved member of the LizianEvebts Community. He is also well known for his appearances at many M.B.S shows around the country. He has written books and runs well attended and repected courses on Astrology. Phil has changed the format for his talks for this year, and it has met with many 5 Star comments from those who have listened to this new seminar. We revisit his earlier Community Profile and add a brief outline of his new talk.


This is the title of my e-book, which is basically a random collection of everyday anecdotes arranged to show how astrology actually works, using real life examples. These are amusing anecdotes, often with myself being the brunt of the humour, and I would like to use the talk to put some of these over to a live audience – randomly as in the book. This is the fun side of astrology, rather than the stuffy, mathematical serious image that it often conjures up. Think Jupiter – have fun! Come and learn a bit about real astrology.

Phil Bowler
Phil Bowler

Astrology holds the answers to many of the problems that we face in our daily lives, and can help us resolve them more easily. Newspaper horoscopes give astrology a bad name – there is far more to it than just your star sign.

I have been ‘into’ astrology for 21 years now, practicing since 2001 and attending the Mind Body Spirit shows as ‘personal astrologer’ since 2004. The word personal is very significant here, for it emphasises what true astrology is all about: you, the individual. We all have our own astrological birth chart and it is unique to us. Back in the day, I initially fell into the trap, like so many disbelievers, that the garbage we read in newspaper horoscopes (horror-scopes) is all there is to astrology. Then the logical mind states obvious accusations along the lines of “How can all Sagittarians be facing the same circumstances at the same time?” Well, the fact is, they don’t. I say to people on my workshops “Imagine we are all the same star (Sun) sign and even born in the same year. I still guarantee that the energies of the planets at any particular time will be different to each and every one of us – our charts are specific to ourselves.” Astrology is based on a purely one to one basis: Personal self-help astrology.

I get absolutely irate when I all too regularly see celebrities on TV simply brush the subject aside, it being of no worth as far as they are considered. But this is a very narrow-minded way of going about things and is completely wrong in my eye – any subject, not just astrology, should not be ridiculed or cast aside without at least checking it out. There is a famous quote from Sir Isaac Newton: when the astronomer Halley, of comet fame, made a slighting remark as to the value of astrology, Newton replied: “I have studied the subject, Mr. Halley – you have not.”

It is important to realise that in some obscure way we are all influenced by the energies of the planets, and their positioning in our charts determine how this energy is translated. We all know how the Moon can affect emotions, likewise, the Sun and all the planets affect us in different ways. The houses of the chart show in what areas of life the energies will be mostly featured and the signs reflect the mannerisms that we adapt with the relevant planetary energies. This is why knowing your birth time is so important, because the planets pass from house to house as the day progresses, like hands on a clock, their specific house placements reflecting the areas of life covered by the various houses: love, career, finances, health, home life, etcetera.

Remember, there is far more to it than your star (Sun) sign, and if you are a woman the chances of your Moon sign being more dominant than the Sun sign are very high  The Moon represents female energies, whereas the Sun mostly corresponds to male, so in many cases the Moon dictates in a woman’s chart. But that too is only part and parcel of the entire package – think of it akin to a jigsaw, only complete when all the pieces are correctly in place: the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. The rising sign, the planets in houses and signs, the aspects made between planets to one another… all need taking into account to get the full picture. Then it all has to be weighted accordingly to sort out the many inevitable contradictions and work out which factors are stronger than others.

Phil Bowler
Phil Bowler Deep in Thought

Complex stuff indeed – but oh so accurate and worthwhile if done correctly. With an understanding of astrology and your own birth chart, it becomes so much easier to face up to all those challenges life throws at us – from everyday quandaries to major life dilemmas – by understanding yourself and those around you in much more depth. Discover your true potential and path in this life…

Recent comments of approval for Phil’s work:-

Amy Holland : Phil Bowler is a gem! My chart is fantastic. A must have experience!

Sue Hogan : Have had a chart done about 2 years ago by Phil and it was very accurate. Will be contacting him soon for another.

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